Fossil fuels are renewable?

I suppose if you're willing to wait 45 million years...


I don't mean to make any snap judgments,

but it's quite possible this man suffered from oxygen deprivation when he was swimming around in the placenta. I'm surprised he was even able to find his way out of there, much less survive the dangers of toddlerdom that followed.


I hate to say it folks, but North Carolina is about to (once again) contribute greatly to the cause of late-night comedy, and it probably won't just be in the English language, either.

What a dumbshit : (

Sorry John.

I remember when I used to do some marketing work for one of your many companies ... way back when you sort of knew what you were doing.

But now you've wandered off the reservation and are apparently not smart enough to realize it.

The Peter Principle is a terrible thing.

Just watched again

Rarely have I seen so much bullshit happy talk crammed into one deceitful interview.

For the record, Mr. S., the "customers" of your fucking agency are the people of North Carolina ... the families, the children, and the children to come ... not a bunch of goddamn legal entities.

I know, right? What was all that

"who knows, we might not change any regulations at all" crapola?

He reminds me of a couple of MBA's I've known, who could sit in a board room babbling for hours, and say absolutely nothing of any substance.

Chop this man to chow

The Russians for instance have always drilled oil as if it was a renewable resource and so far they haven´t been proven wrong.

There´s a lot of different scientific opinion on that