Fox "News" is Pathetic ... as if you needed reminding

Actually I don't watch Fox "News" - willingly. My gym has 4 tv's facing its cardio area so I do get a dose of the Fox every so often while peddling or running. You see, I have no choice; the owners of the gym always have one of the tv's on Fox - pity me.
About a week ago, I think it was the day after the elections in NJ, VA, upstate NY etc., Fox assembled a trio of experts to discuss the results. The trio included Mara Liasson from NPR, some unremembered republican political advisor and the well named, Charles Krauthammer. So their idea of "fair & balanced" meant that that they would have a middle of the road, even handed politico from NPR and two comentators from the right.
The pathetic bit comes from the fact that even though republicans had some victories to crow about, Fox had to guarantee that the spin du jour had to be overwhelmingly from the right. And just so you know, the questions asked allowed scant wiggle room for the one possibly left leaning commentator, Liasson, to say anything positive about democrats. Again, pathetic.
That was going to be it, but I have to add this next bit as I just got back from the gym after having witnessed Pathetic, the Sequel.
While parked on a Lifecycle, I watched part of a show on Fox that dealt with the upcoming Global Warming conference in Copenhagen. The commentator they chose was that noted expert on global warming and world politics in general, Chuck Norris. (D'uh. Of course, Chuck is an expert on EVERYTHING!! He is Chuck freakin' Norris. When he does push ups, he's not pushing himself up; he's pushing the Earth down.) His schtick was that Obama wants to promote a world government through involving the US in a possible climate treaty developed at the Copenhagen conference.
Come to think of it, that's not pathetic times 2; that's pathetic squared.

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Pushing the earth down indeed.


I sure have missed you! Hope you'll hang around more often.

I am very fortunate in that we never have to watch Fox here. Sometimes the local Fox station, but that's it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thank you Betsy ... I'll be around

.... Just took a while to get recharged after Nov. 2008. Hard to top that!!

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?


Ain't that the truth ...

... or not, considering that it's Fox. :)

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

How come when the "Liberal" actors speak

the right yells and screams, "they're only actors"! But if the message from those "actors" is right-leaning all the way over to right-wing, well, everyone needs to shut up and listen? Oh wait, that's the Greedy Obstructionist Party of hypocrites....never mind.

Well Mr Murdoch owns

Fox and some other stuff.

He has an opinion/ideology and it has to do with making money, which he seems to be good at. Some would say that he is the single most powerful man on the planet. If so, then Fox is the least of our problems.



There cannot fail to be more kinds of things, as nature grows further disclosed. - Sir Francis Bacon

on and also

There cannot fail to be more kinds of things, as nature grows further disclosed. - Sir Francis Bacon

That liberal rag?

pish....I quit reading them years ago. :D

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Chuck and Huck

Did anybody else see the show the other night where Chuck Norris had a block of wood with "Health Care Reform" (or something) scribbled on it, which he subsequently karate chopped while Mike Huckabee was holding it, and then he held one while Mike chopped it?

Now that's intense and intellectual political commentary, folks...

Hey man!

How are you ... good to see you out today.

I'm cool :)

I just finished a three-day jaunt along the Appalachian mountains up to Pa and back, riding a 35 ton bronco in the rain and wind of a leftover hurricane. You look the word "stress" up in the dictionary and it shows my picture in the margin. ;)