Fracking the classroom: drilling in the name of education

Drill here, drill now, and simply call it training:

Central Carolina Community College is expanding its course offerings, having recently opened a new health sciences building in Lillington and looking into new classes on operating machinery for hydraulic fracturing and other types of drilling.

About $250,000 of that total either has been or will be raised through grants, officials have said. They plan on raising the remaining half a million through donations from the private sector as well as the three county governments in the college's service area. And Kirk Bradley, the Sanford businessman who is leading the fundraising efforts for the Central Carolina Works program, said they're well on their way.

Which may shed some light on why Mike Stone had four CCCC Trustees removed from their positions earlier this year, a blatantly partisan move to cleanse the board of Democrats. Another well-known fracking cheerleader is knee-deep in this story:

"If they're going to provide a valuable service to the county that we aren't already providing, and the commissioners agree, then it would be approved," Commissioner Jim Womack, a Republican who has been involved in discussions about Central Carolina Works, said earlier this month.

More from Womack in the comment section:

Additionally, the CC Works program must conform to the state's guidelines for administrering (sic) the Career & College Promise program so it can take advantage of the state's full subsidies for dual enrollments. Further, the CC Works coursework should align with employment clusters we project for this area- including advanced manufacturing, healthcare, energy, and agri-business.

I'm sure the drilling companies would jump at the chance to give some "hands-on" training in the area, accompanied by some water quality "studies" of the event to demonstrate how safe it is.


Unsurprising Kirk Bradley info:

File under transparent motives:

Kirk Bradley currently serves as Chairman, President, and CEO of Lee-Moore Capital Company in Sanford, NC. In addition, he serves as Chairman and President of Governors Club Development Corp. in Chapel Hill, NC. Lee-Moore is a private, family-owned business that focuses on real estate investment and venture capital with a specific focus on energy related investments.

Lee-Moore Oil Company, founded in 1932 as a traditional Petroleum Distributor, provided motor fuel to retail outlets, home heating oil and fuel oil for agricultural use. The company has been located in Sanford, North Carolina since its inception in 1932. Lee-Moore Oil Company always used its platform in the community, its financial resources and its experience and capabilities to venture outside of its core fuels distribution business to other types of investment. These other areas include; venture capital, residential development, commercial development and raw land acquisition.

Lee-Moore Oil Company sold its convenience retailing operation in February of 2006, focusing on 1) Income producing real estate and the other rental properties in the company’s portfolio, 2) Real Estate Consulting, 3) Land Acquisition and Development, and 4) Venture Capital.

On October 1, 2008, Lee-Moore Oil Company changed its name to Lee-Moore Capital Company. The company is focused on growing Lee-Moore Oil Company’s income producing real estate portfolio and looking at new investment opportunities in energy and community development.

Well, it doesn't get more blatant than that. I'd like to say I'm surprised the Sanford Herald missed Bradley's deep connections to the push for fracking in the area. But I'm not surprised about that, either. Many local papers are afflicted by such blindness when it comes to their own gentry.