Frankenstein Abortion Bill

HB 465, this year's abortion bill, is a Frankenstein Bill. It started out ugly and after some attempts to pretty it up it's still ugly as sin. It's hard to keep track and after the shenanigans of the Motorcycle Vagina bill a couple of years ago, we know it's not over til it's over.

In Chapter 1, On April Fool's Day, four Stepford wives in the NC House introduce a bill to (1) extend the mandatory waiting period to 72 hours, (2) ban any doctor who is not an Ob-GYN from performing abortions and (3) ban ECU and UNC from performing abortions or teaching abortion care. All under the guise of supporting a woman's right to choose and protect her health.

Chapter 2: The ban on teaching and performing abortions at ECU and UNC is dropped, along with the requirement that only Ob-Gyn's can perform abortions. A new provision requires doctors who perform abortions after 20 weeks to report to the Dept. of Health & Human Services why the abortion was necessary (NC has a 20 week abortion ban except for "substantial risk" to the life or health of the woman). The House passes the bill.

Chapter 3: In a cynical political move, Republicans in the Senate amend HB 465 to include some common-sense criminal justice provisions that had been proposed by Democratic Senator Jeff Jackson of Charlotte. Other (bad) amendments reinstate the Ob-Gyn only rule and add a requirement that ultrasounds for women who have abortions after 18 weeks must be sent to the DHHS.

Chapter 4: The Senate passes HB 465 after removing the Ob-Gyn-only requirement and changing the DHHS collection of ultrasounds to include those of women who have abortions after 16 weeks. The 72 hour wait remains intact.

What remains to be seen: What will the House do next? And what will Governor McCrory do? Regardless, women lose again.



Ah, I get it ....

Methinks Gov. McPromisey made a deal with the legislature on the abortion and magistrate's bills. They wanted to throw some kind of red meat to the rabid evangelicals for the next election. They probably knew that the magistrate's bill wouldn't have a chance in court - the Supreme's have stayed away from ruling on abortion for some time, with conservative groups hoping they'll stay mum while extremist abortion rules pass in different states like this.

So, the deal - let McPromisey veto the magistrate's bill to look more "moderate" and "business friendly" and sign the abortion restrictions to cuddle up to some evangelical votes. Of course, the House will probably override the magistrate's bill veto, so both the Gov and the Legislature get to screw over the citizens of NC in a quest to satisfy a minority of theocrats in the state.

Congrats, Gov. McPromisey, you've created a signature issue for Dems in the 2016 election.

As I have noted before

How about we force women to wait 72 hours before voting for a Republican?



for the bump ;-)