Franklin Graham at it again

I am a Christian who goes to church about every Sunday and am very active in my parish but this bozo really gives us a bad name. When are these loonies going to shut up? Franklin Graham is, once again questioning Obama's Christian faith.

Appearing on MSNBC this morning, Graham said he is not sure the president is a Christian. Neither is he certain that Obama is not a Muslim.

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fundies and birthers

I am guessing he will next be questioning where our President was born

Like many of his peers, regardless of the brand name they

purport to be the only true path to redemption and heaven/paradise. Graham is all about money and prestige and influence. Money first...then the rest would be my guess.

Let's face's organized religion is little more than another means of manipulating people and their pocketbooks so that the "leaders" can live and retire well, pontificate about "their ministry" and go about screwing with people's lives and freedoms in the name of their "god" and their own personal views of morality. Never mind that they themselves are often more flawed than those they purport they wish to "save." And, never mind that churches don't pay tax on their immense wealth and holdings, never mind they harbor sickos in their leadership because it's too embarrassing to deal with them, never mind they want to impose their religious beliefs on those who work for them, never mind they get a pass on discriminating against people of other faiths, and so on.

I'm a believer. I can't look at the majesty of even the simplest living things and not believe there's something more than "chance" that caused things to be, or to have evolved, as they are. And, I hope when I see my last sunset I can meet my maker with "clear eyes and steady hands." In the meantime, I can only hope people like Graham fall under a bus. He's disgusting...but there are so many to choose from.

Stan Bozarth