Free-market extremists bribing students?

The Pope Center for Whatever is soliciting students to rate classes so they can weed out mean old faculty members who have political opinions.

If you're a student, or even if you play one on television, please take the survey and report your wild enthusiasm for the mos liberal course you can think of. If the Puppetshow is going to give away $250, let's at least make sure that someone who can actually think wins the prize.

Please forward this to any students you know at Chapel Hill.


The Puppetshow

has infiltrated the economics department at NC State, and now they're trying an end-around at Chapel Hill. Should be interesting.

Snitching out for the Da Furher and Pope on Campus?

The Pope Center for Whatever is soliciting students to rate classes so they can weed out mean old faculty members who have political opinions.* A

Wow! Just like the Hilter youth movement in late 20's and early 30's weeding or snitching out Jewish Profs on campus...

The winners got a free week at summer camp learning how to love nature and little blue eye blond hair boys..

I go to UNC

The university just commissioned a big study that found that not only do almost no students perceive a political bias in the classroom, but that there is no correlation between a student's political affiliation and whether he/she feels a bias.

Nice timing, Pope.

Those guys are ridiculous. I remember a couple years ago that the student congress (led by the worst kind of Republicans, of 2006 voting fraud fame below) tried to pass a bill that would let student groups donate money to student government campaigns, just so they could funnel Pope money through the College Republicans to the conservative candidates.

They will Stop at Nothing
Daily Tarheel

Alumnus here

I never detected political bias in the classroom.

On the other hand, the student body in general was often quite intolerant of conservatives. For example, I was a Republican at the time and if I dared do something as "offensive" as wearing a small "Bush/Quayle" button on my backpack strap, people would curse me and comment to me as I walked across campus between classes. And Republicans are supposed to be the hateful ones... Hypocricy, prejudice, and intolerance are not limited to just one segment of the political spectrum.

Thanks, Jake.

Good thing you aren't at NC State. From what I've been able to learn, the Pup Show basically owns the economics department, where faculty members can be depended on to reliably spout right wing talking points whenever their strings are pulled.

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made a confirmed socialist out of my son, because he hated the books so much.

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