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Definitely related

Fresh from the LA Times:

Every decade or so, all national forests develop new plans to determine the best use of their resources. The draft plan released in 2011 for the George Washington forest would have effectively banned fracking.

After an outcry from industry, the Forest Service decided to reconsider. Aware of the complexity and contentiousness of the issue, the agency has delayed a final decision several times.

Fracking currently is permitted on only two Forest Service preserves, both in the West: Dakota Prairie National Grasslands in North Dakota and Pawnee National Grassland in Colorado.

"Minerals have always been a part of what we've been about, but we have to weigh if it's appropriate to develop them in this forest with this set of conditions," said Ken Landgraf, planning staff officer for George Washington National Forest. "The 'why' of considering fracking gets to the use of national lands. If we are developing energy in this country and making it more secure, shouldn't national lands be part of the solution?"

National forests weren't set aside to use as a resource to buttress national security, they were set aside to preserve our pristine environment. You would think a forest official would be aware of that.

Could this be....?

....the undisclosed site in WNC - a fracking operation in Pisgah National Forest drawing water from one of our beautiful trout streams...

What a nightmare....anywhere.

I sure hope not

That would suck very hard, having to deal with a drill-crazy state legislature and a federal government ready to bend over for the frackers.

Anywhere in western NC

It could be anywhere in western NC. There are shale deposits all along the Appalachian mountains.

See map.

If the McCrory administration starts talking about tracking, we need to respond with two words in big red letters - FREEDOM INDUSTRIES.

We don't want what happened in West Virginia happening here.

Sure, that was about chemicals related to the coal industry, but it's typical of the kind of irresponsible management in these companies that are out to make a quick buck and take no responsibility if something goes wrong.