Friday fracking video




Not only has Presnell (NC 118) got us by the balls, but it's all over the nation.

Brown isn't stupid, but we all know Presnell doesn't come close to being a sharp tack must less the sharpest It's just the greed for Presnell.

A wonderful video to prove that Presnell - who claims there's no known problems with fracking - is plain under the influence.

I was telling somebody the other day,

I've been posting these fracking videos here for over three years. And for each of those 160+ published videos, I watch (usually) five or six videos before choosing. Sometimes more. That's pushing a thousand videos I've watched, and since I try to focus on victims (as opposed to protests and such), I've seen too many tears to hold any doubts about the damage this process can do. Way too many.