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Someone tell me ths isn't so

from a friend...

playing out in Chatham County. The new county commission has demanded from opponents of gas fracking, absolute proof that this process will poison our supply of fresh water. Absent such proof, the commissioners voted recently to approve fracking in Chatham.

They can't approve

something that is (still) against state law. And if the General Assembly changes the statute, that County Commisioners pro-fracking vote would be superfluous.

That's my understanding anyway, but I could be wrong.

I find observations like these fascinating

When you talk to folks from rural communities (like many of my Arkansas relatives), you get the feeling of longevity. Not so much about living long lives, but about retaining local history. It's almsot as if they know how fragile their community is, and they feel compelled to preserve a mental record of it. Weird.

Need Help

Unfortunately my Representative Mike Hager (R)Tea Party (NC112) has been appointed as the Co-Chair of House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Alternative Fuel. He is a very arrogant Tea Party type and will be very dangerous to the future of NC is this position. He is ignoring my questions regarding fracking and horizontal drilling on his Facebook site. In fact he is already referring to Pat McCroury as the Governor and states that Mr. McCroury as governor won't have any Democratic opposition after next election. Also he says that McCroury is very anxious to get the drilling underway and has no problems with fracking.

Please visit his Facebook site and let him know he is being watched carefully. Especially you folks who live in the area where this big gas deposit is located, he's going to let the drilling companies have their way with you.

I feel like the Lone Ranger.

Thanks for your help.


Here's the link

to Rep. Hager's Facebook Page, in case anyone wants to give Earl a hand. I may at sometime in the future. But I'm not in the best frame of mind these days, and I'm afraid Evil Steve might be hard to contain if I let him out of his cage...



I just left a very nice note and a link for the ...

.... honorable to consider. The link is to a Propublica article that mentions 1000+ incidents of contamination due to fracking.

Thank you for the FB link. I made good use of it.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Maytag Repairman

Still might lonely in my part of the state. See my original post. This Teabagger needs to be monitored very closely.