Friday fracking video


This rally was two days ago

And we're having one in Raleigh two days from now:

Join us in the capital to march through downtown Raleigh and raise awareness about the resistance to fracking in North Carolina. We’ll be at Nash Square (200 McDowell St) around 11:30 a.m. and around 12 noon marching to the Legislative Building at 16 West Jones Street. We encourage folks to bring musical instruments: drums, violins, trumpets, colorful banners and signs, puppets… anything that will make this fun. The march is family friendly and fully permitted. If your group would like to officially sign onto the march as a co-sponsor contact us at or call 919-200-0061 for more details. We encourage everyone to share this event on their facebook or on listserves they are on. This date is within the legislative session that begins in May where legislators plan to legalize fracking and wastewater injection in our state despite public outcry. This also happens on the heels of a massive blowout in Wyoming at a Chesapeak Enegy drill site where 70 residents within a 5 mile radius had to be evacuated. It’s time to let legislators and industry know we won’t let this happen here. See you in the streets!

This event is also cosponsored by Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League & Cumnock Preservation Association.

Successful march

From Twitter:

BrentWoodcox: stopped for 15 mins by a hippie parade on the way to lunch, I officially hope #NCGA fracks everything.

No big surprise there. Almost every "official" act by House Republicans is based on subjective and often emotional reactions to various stimuli.

That said, wanting to contaminate the entire state's water supply because your lunch was postponed by a quarter of an hour seems a mite capricious. Have you been skipping your Zyprexa again, Brent?

Did you see this one?

A Texas man is being sued because he sent video of his burning well to a blogger, who uploaded the video to Youtube. The company is also suing the blogger, and the person he paid to test his well.

Crazy stuff

A conspiracy? Only in our wacked-out corporatocracy would two people planning to ask the government for help be an "actionable" offense.

And our intrepid leaders in the General Assembly want to hand companies like this the keys to the kingdom.

Alec Baldwin is helping too...

I don't care how many nasty voicemail messages he leaves for his daughter when he's upset. Alec Baldwin can draw some serious attention to this issue: see article here