Friday fracking video


For the Governor:

Your Veto of the Racial Justice Act revisions was very appropriate, but you need to Veto SB 820 as well.

We're counting on you to protect us from the reckless endangerment associated with both the fracking process itself and the GOP's attempts to allow the industry to regulate itself. Their proposed Commission is a sham; worse than doing nothing at all, because it would give polluters the authority to write their own rules.

Veto veto and veto again

There is nothing coming out of this legislative circus worthy of Perdue's signature.


My recommendation? Get good at throwing their trash back at 'em. Don't even read the crap. Just veto it. Give North Carolina a stark picture of the damage Pat McCrory could do. Set a record for the most number of vetoes and maybe even the most number over-ridden. Take a stand for sanity against this out-of-control legislature.

Don't even give them the benefit of serious consideration. Use every opportunity to showcase Republican absurdity. Ridicule them at every turn. Somebody has to do it.

I'm beginning to fear...

....we are looking at a pocket veto on fracking...