Friday fracking video


Some might think

that the override of SB820 makes continuing the opposition to fracking (including these videos) a pointless exercise. But (unless I've missed something) the new commission has yet to be selected/seated, much less begun its rulemaking. So we'll continue to learn and teach.

There is one issue that really needs to be addressed, and soon: baseline samples of well and aquifer water quality need to be established, so that when contamination occurs, there won't be a question about any bullshit pre-existing conditions. Landowners who have already signed mineral leases should have their water sampled now, free of charge, by an entity not associated with the gas industry.

The Duke University team that studied PA wells made this a high priority in their report, but that doesn't mean it's automatically happening. Or that any funding has been made available. I'll try to follow up on this in the near future, but I'm sure there's a few really smart people reading this who could probably make 2-3 phonecalls and find out. Yes, that was a hint.

Homeowners... the affected areas need to take their homeowner's insurance policies to their agents and find out if/how their water wells are covered and if they have coverage for possible man-made earthquakes.