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petrochemical future

I'm pretty sure turning existing petro production into petrochemicals products, is the easiest way to wean off an AGW dystopia, the Western world set course for after WWII was won by bombing German oil.
Basically, to cap the number of pandora's boxes, a set of products can be postulated. There are many solutions, but the simpler ones will be more likely to succeed; not using some sci-fi innovations like AI, new chemical WMds, etc...
A utility-grade battery made (mostly) of plastic components that are recyclable, thermoplastics, is high ROI. Right now, there are thermoplastics and all-plastic batteries, but not both. I'm not sure the present and future footprints of such materials if they are invented. But if the thermoplastics are recylable easily, they could be used for future pandemic PPE if desired (robotic ventilators, plastic tents and suits and biosensors). Locating recycling facilities and funding such University R+D is a precursor. Unless you want made in USA cotton T-shirts mid century.