Friday News: It was inevitable


TRUMP TESTS POSITIVE FOR COVID 19, BLAMES MILITARY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT: President Donald Trump said overnight that he and first lady Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19 and will quarantine. The announcement came after one of the president’s closest aides, Hope Hicks, also tested positive. “The president and first lady are both well at this time, and they plan to remain at home within the White House during their convalescence.” Conley wrote. “It’s very, very hard when you’re with people from the military, or from law enforcement, and they come over to you, and they want to hug you and they want to kiss you because we really have done a good job for them. And you get close, and things happen,” Trump said.

TIM MOORE CLAIMS A BUNCH OF PEOPLE NOMINATED HIM FOR ECU CHANCELLORSHIP: House Speaker Tim Moore said Thursday that he declined an offer to interview for the open chancellorship at East Carolina University. The speaker's interest in the job has been rumored for more than a year, though Moore, R-Cleveland, has repeatedly denied angling for it. He said Thursday that he was "nominated for the position ... by a number of alumni and folks with the university." "I was offered an interview, but I declined that and advised them that I felt like my time is best served continuing my work here in the North Carolina House of Representatives," Moore said. He is seeking his 10th term in the House, where he leads the Republican majority, and said he feels good about maintaining that majority in this year's elections and potentially regaining a super-majority. Moore said he didn't apply for the job at ECU and that he didn't submit a resume or anything else in writing, other than an email saying thanks for reaching out.

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR WAKE COUNTY SHERIFF ARRESTED FOR DRIVING WHILE IMPAIRED: David Blackwelder, a candidate for Wake County Sheriff, has been arrested and charged with driving while impaired. Holly Springs Police arrested Blackwelder, 35, of Wake Forest, Thursday on North Main Street in Holly Springs. Police did not provide any additional information on the arrest, his bond or if he is still being held in custody. Blackwelder is the Republican candidate for sheriff. He is running against Gerald Baker, who is the current sheriff. The election for sheriff is not until 2022. Back in June, Blackwelder was commenting back and forth with Raleigh native Dustin Pickett when he typed, "As a person of color, you are afforded way more opportunities than a white male ... it just depends on whether you accept them." Pickett was incredulous. "To see all of these things happening and to have someone make that statement," Pickett said. "For me, it was deeply troubling and extremely insensitive for someone who is running for the sheriff’s office."

RIGHT-WING NUTTER JACOB WOHL INDICTED FOR ROBO-CALL SCARING BLACK URBAN VOTERS: Nearly 12,000 residents with phone numbers from the 313 area code, located in Detroit, were targeted, Nessel’s office said. Attorneys general in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois also reported similar robocalls made to urban residents, amounting to an estimated 85,000 calls nationally, according to the Michigan office. The caller, who claims to work for a civil rights organization founded by Wohl and Burkman, falsely says personal information for those who vote by mail will be shared with police tracking down warrants, credit card companies collecting outstanding debt, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requiring mandatory vaccinations. The caller tells voters to not be “finessed into giving your private information to the man.” Officials said the call exploited “racially-charged stereotypes.” Each charge against the pair carries a five- or seven-year sentence if they are convicted in Michigan. Wohl and Burkman, who live in Los Angeles and Arlington, Va., respectively, have not yet been arraigned, Nessel’s office said, adding that it is “too early to say if formal extradition will be necessary or if they will present themselves here voluntarily in the very near future.”

TRUMP'S COVID 19 DIAGNOSIS MAY BE THE FINAL NAIL IN HIS (POLITICAL) COFFIN: Mr. Trump had already been trailing in the polls to Joseph R. Biden Jr., in part because of his mishandling of a virus that has unsettled the day-to-day lives of voters for over six months. He compounded his difficulties by disregarding and at times belittling the basic precautions, such as wearing a mask, that his health advisers were urging Americans to take to protect themselves. “It’s hard to imagine this doesn’t end his hopes of re-election,” said Rob Stutzman, a Republican consultant, pointing to Mr. Trump’s “flouting of obvious precautions.” In the White House, advisers to the president acknowledged that the positive test would remind voters of how dismissive Mr. Trump had been about the virus, not only with his own neglect of safety but also in his overly rosy assessments about a pandemic that has killed more than 207,000 people in the United States. Mr. Trump’s recklessness, one adviser admitted, amounted to a political “disaster.” It’s almost certain that the remaining two debates between Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden will be canceled or drastically changed. The next one is scheduled for less than two weeks from now, on Oct. 15, and medical guidance would most likely keep the president isolated until then. And after having gone forward with the rallies he craves, despite rules against large gatherings in many states, Mr. Trump will not be able to leave Washington during a final, crucial stretch of the campaign. “Trump is now in the position of becoming exhibit No. 1 for the failure of his leadership on coronavirus, and he runs the risk that his supporters will feel misled by his dismissiveness of the virus and the need for precautions,” said Geoff Garin, a Democratic pollster.



Perfect timing?

Coming so soon after his temper tantrum debate performance, giving him an excuse to avoid another fiasco, was literally the first thing that entered my mind when I saw the story. And of course his supporters can now say, "He was sick" to explain that childish behavior, even if that defies evidence.

You can expect daily "waving from the window or balcony" appearances to generate sympathy and tear-filled support from his delusional fan base. I just hope to god the major networks don't fall for those blatant theatrics.

He’s lying

It’s theatre pure and simple, designed to squirm out of getting his ass kicked in another debate.

Faith leaders meeting with Barrett and COVID

The Religion News Services is reporting that the president of Notre Dame has tested positive after attending a meeting with Trump and his SCOTUS nominee, Amy Barrett. Barrett has since tested negative.

NC evangelical leader Franklin Graham was at the event. On his Facebook page, Graham has urged prayers for the President and First Lady, but nothing about getting tested himself.

"The Rose Garden event was also reportedly attended by members of President Trump's evangelical advisory board and other faith leaders. Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Texas, the Faith and Freedom Coalition founder Ralph Reed, Franklin Graham, son of famed evangelist Billy Graham and head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association were spotted at the event. So too was the Rev. Paula White, a Pentecostal preacher and head of the White House Faith & Opportunity Initiative.

Those in the crowd sat in close proximity and few wore masks.

Trump announced that he and the First Lady had to have tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday.

Michael Mina, assistant professor of epidemiology at Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health, said it was possible that Trump could have contracted the disease as early as Saturday's Rose Garden ceremony."

Too "decent" for our own good...

Biden campaign stops all negative adds while Trump recovers. Does he and the Democratic party understand what we're dealing with here? All of a sudden this horrid man's record is off limits because he's sick? Let's just go commit mass suicide. Jesus wept