Friday News: Josh to the rescue


ATTORNEY GENERAL STEIN JOINS LAWSUIT TO PROTECT STUDENT BORROWERS: Stein joined other attorneys general from around the country to sue U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who froze rules last month that would have forgiven the federal loan debt of students cheated by predatory for-profit colleges. The attorneys general, all Democrats, from 18 states and the District of Columbia accuse the Trump administration’s education secretary of breaking federal law and giving the questionable schools free rein by rescinding the Borrower Defense rule that was to go into effect on the first of this month. They filed the lawsuit Thursday in federal court in the District of Columbia.

FILING FOR MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS IN NORTH CAROLINA BEGINS TODAY: The next round of North Carolina elections is starting up, this time for towns and cities. Candidates for elections to city councils and town boards can begin filing their paperwork to run starting Friday at noon at county election boards statewide. The filing period ends at noon July 21. In all, there will be more than 1,000 election contests statewide when some local school board races are included. The biggest races are expected in the biggest cities, such as Charlotte, Raleigh and Greensboro, where mayors and council members will be elected. Primary and general election will be held in September, October and November depending on the community. Early voting and same-day registration during the early-vote period also is implemented in some locations.

TRUMP AND PUTIN SET TO MEET TODAY AS G20 COMMENCES: The Kremlin views Friday's encounter as a watershed moment that could ease Russia-West tensions. Some in the U.S., meanwhile, worry that Trump could make unjustified concessions to Russia. Amid investigations into possible collusion with Moscow by Trump's campaign, any deal with Putin would expose Trump to more criticism. And if the two fail to get along, that would further exacerbate tensions between Moscow and Washington and put them on a collision course in regions around the world. "If Putin comes to the conclusion that even if Russia and the U.S. reach agreement, Trump would be unable to implement it for domestic policy reasons, he would lose interest in seeking an agreement," said Dmitri Trenin, the director of the Carnegie Moscow Center.

VIRGINIA EXECUTION WAS MOSTLY BEHIND CLOSED DRAPES IN NEW PROCEDURE: A Virginia man who killed a hospital security guard and a sheriff’s deputy after escaping from custody in 2006 was executed after an unsuccessful campaign to spare the inmate’s life over concerns about his mental health. William Morva, 35, was pronounced dead at 9:15 p.m. Thursday after a lethal injection at the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt. It was the first execution carried out in Virginia under a new protocol that makes more of the lethal injection procedure secret. Execution witnesses used to be able to watch inmates walk into the chamber and be strapped down. In Morva’s execution, the curtain was closed when the witnesses entered the chamber and was not opened until he was strapped to the gurney and the IV lines were in place.

G20 PROTESTS IN HAMBURG LEAD TO INJURIES AND ARRESTS: Anti-globalization activists set dozens of cars ablaze and tried to block leaders' delegations from entering the grounds of the Group of 20 summit Friday, a second day of protests as the meeting got underway in the German port city of Hamburg. Responding to the violence, police ordered in several hundred more officers from across the country. Skirmishes and small clashes took place across the city as protesters roamed around. Later in the day, masked demonstrators put up barricades in the city's Altona neighborhood and threw gasoline bombs at police. Grote said that some activists were directly attacking officers and that 45 protesters were detained and another 15 were temporarily taken into custody. So far, 160 police officers were hurt, most of them slightly, but some also had to be taken to the hospital — one of whom had an eye injury after a firework exploded in front of him.



Thank goodness. I'm very glad

Thank goodness. I'm very glad to see the Attorney General stepping up on the national stage. Thank you Mr. Stein.

(Comment from James on 7/7/2017)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

It's good work

This isn't just a giveaway, this program recognizes that fraudulent for-profit colleges leave students with questionable education qualifications, making it triply hard to secure a good job that would help them pay back those loans.
This one stunt alone should be enough to get Devos investigated, and her ties to the for-profit education machine exposed for the world to see.

(Comment from scharrison on 7/7/17)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.