Fundie Right Wing Threatens NC's Status as Biotech Leader

A pro-life group called Lifetree is getting exercised over a newly filed bill in the NC General Assembly. Here's the entire text of the bill:

A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT to appropriate funds for stem cell research.

The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

SECTION 1. There is appropriated from the General Fund to the Department of Health and Human Services the sum of twenty million dollars ($20,000,000) for the 2006‑2007 fiscal year to aid in stem cell research.

SECTION 2. This act becomes effective July 1, 2006.

The federal government has entirely dropped the ball on stem cell research. The God of Bush's fever dreams forbids it, and Congress has (once again) fallen in line like good dogs. That leaves the states, and several states are stepping up to the plate. This map (from the Chronicle of Higher Education) shows who is taking action (I'm not sure what the different colors mean).

Look, it's pretty simple: given the benefits that could stem from this research (pun definitely intended), someone is going to do the research. Those jurisdictions that make it possible will see their biotech economies flourish. Those jurisdictions that that can't tell the difference between human life and the embryos left over after fertility treatment will drive progress to go elsewhere.

I don't know much about this bill, but I do know that the anti-science (pro-life, bring back the dark ages, whatever) groups will be contacting their reps and doing their damnedest to convince the NC House that North Carolinians are against funding stem cell research. Don't let that happen. This is easy: Click right here, select your Rep. from the list, and let him or her know that you support funding for stem cell research. Feel free to copy and paste the text below.

I urge you to vote for House Bill 2737, which appropriates funds for stem cell research. This kind of science and the new cures it brings will be good for all, but it will be especially good for North Carolina. Our status as a biotech leader makes NC a prime location for new research, but we will lose that status if we close the door on stem cell research.


Notice that....

According to the map, NC would be the only culturally Southern state to fund SS research.

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Exorcism optional

So does Lifetree think this bill will make the Triangle into the Pentagram?

I feel like a bad citizen.

I can't figure out who my representative is. I looked on my card, and it said district 24, but the ones given for Orange county are 50, 54, and something else not 24.

I'm tempted to go with Bill Faison (50) because his name sounds familiar and he looks like northern Orange. Why isn't there a map of the districts? (Or is it that I just can't find it...)

A bad citizen wouldn't take the time to figure it out

There are maps here, but northern Orange is indeed District 50 (Faison).

This is going to sound like a stupid question, but are you 100% sure that you're not over the line into Alamance Co? That would put you in Senate District 24 (with me!).

Definitely Orange.

I live between I 85 and 40, between Old and New 86 in Hillsborough. I think my current voter card was issued before 2004, so the districts may be off?

And thanks!

There was a change for 2004

I'm impressed that you have your card. If the internet died, I wouldn't know anything.

I keep it in my wallet

with other important things, like my insurance cards and frequent flyer cards ;)

I emailed Rep. Saunders

Here is part of what I said...

Dear Representative Saunders,

I support funding for stem cell research.

I would love to see my state take a leading role in this area. It would be nice to see North Carolina receiving attention over something more important than the location of the NASCAR museum and the number of American Idol contestants who hail from our state.

etc. etc.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.