Gallup Poll Says It All: Time for Change in Congress

Elisabeth Motsinger responded to the latest Gallup Poll showing public approval of Congress is tied at an all-time low, saying, “This is a good illustration of why I will win in November.” Motsinger is challenging Virginia Foxx for North Carolina’s 5th district seat in Congress.

“Clearly, it is time for a change,” Motsinger said. “My opponent does not support policies that serve her constituents. Her votes do not reflect our North Carolina values.”

A poll was released Tuesday showing Congress currently has an approval rating of only 10 percent, tying the record-low score set in February of this year. Based on telephone interviews conducted August 9-12, the score is the lowest in the 38 years that Gallup has measured public approval of Congress. (The Gallup Poll is available at

According to the Gallup Poll, “Congressional approval is down among all political groups and is now virtually the same across these groups -- with Democrats at 9%, independents at 11%, and Republicans at 10%.”

Motsinger said that her opponent votes lock-step along party lines, despite what’s in the best interests of North Carolina. “People are tired of the deadlock. They are tired of partisan bickering. It’s time to make Congress work for you, not for any one political party.”

Motsinger pointed to her opponent’s recent tearful plea on the floor of Congress, in which she evoked the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colo., to press for bi-partisan support of HR 7048, a highly-partisan measure.

“HR 4078 is a prime example of why citizens are fed up with Congress,” Motsinger said. “My opponent spent a lot of time defending this hyper-partisan bill which would seriously endanger the health and wellbeing of every single resident of the 5th District.”

Motsinger pointed to additional actions by Foxx that do not support North Carolina values, and do nothing to address important issues including the economy, healthcare, education, Medicare, and equal rights.

“Mrs. Foxx has voted against giving parents greater control over their children’s health care, and has voted against a bill which provided more than 20 million women with no-cost coverage for preventative health care including pap smears and mammograms.”

In addition, Motsinger said, Foxx supported a budget which would end Medicare as we know it. “In North Carolina we honor and respect our seniors. We would never choose to leave them in poverty after they have worked hard all their lives and raised their families to work hard.”

Motsinger said approval of Congress is low because representatives like Foxx are out of touch with their constituents. Other examples of Foxx not supporting North Carolina values, according to Motsinger, include:
• She voted not to extend health insurance coverage to children.
• She voted to limit women’s rights to access contraception.
• She does not support any federal funding for education. She has pledged not to fight for more Federal dollars to support regional institutions of higher learning like Appalachian State, WFU, UNCSA, Winston-Salem State, and community colleges, and she voted no to $84 million in grants for black and Hispanic colleges,
• She supported No Child Left Behind, which undermined local and state authority to direct curriculum, unfairly penalized schools with large minority populations, and led to a national shortage of teachers.
• She voted against the Civil Rights Act and equal pay for women who do the same work as men.

“It is time that residents of the 5th District have a representative who works for them, and who supports their rights to determine what is in the best interests of their families,” Motsinger said. “That is why I am running, and that is why I will win.”

Elisabeth Motsinger is a physician assistant and a twice-elected member of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Board of Education. She completed her medical training at Wake Forest University, where she is completing a master’s degree in bioethics. Motsinger is the mother of three grown children. She and her husband, John, live in Walkertown and are active in their church community. In May, Motsinger won the Democratic primary with 70 percent of the vote. Please visit, and contribute to Elisabeth Motsinger for Congress at ActBlue.


A modest proposal

If you are a member of Congress, term limit yourself right here and right now. No matter how long you've been there, this is your opportunity to make a solemn promise that you will never serve more than two consecutive terms.

Sue Myrick made a similar promise and then broke it, suffering no negative consequences whatsoever.


1. Fed Fund Campaigns-Elections—6 months--3 primary--3 general--
Free equal TV time—no $$$$ involved---Debate a week=12=adequate to evaluate candidates
2. Since no need for $$ BAN all federal employees from taking anything with a Financial value. Prison. This closes K Street Bribery.
3. Progressive Flat Tax By Group—Pay as % of income not AGI loaded with deductions.
Burn Tax Book. This gets $1100B to balance the budget and start pay down of debt.
Start over—An exemption must serve the common good not a fat wallet


clarence swinney


Back to COUNTY banking like S&L--local owners-local loans-local wealth recirculated in A county

Americans want their pound of flesh, and rightfully so. We’ve seen our bankers commit every kind of financial crime imaginable. They trade on insider information. They manipulate markets. They rig bets. They fix prices. They sell securities that are designed to fail so that they can bet against them. They launder money for rogue nations. They create too-big-to-fail banks that gamble with impunity knowing that we will bail them out again and again. And they collectively crashed the economy causing 8 million workers to lose their jobs.
5 too big to fail hold 50% deposits in 50% of 7000- and 10 hold 80%=MONOPOLY

clarence swinney

Save the middle class

1945 to 1980 were Great growth years of the Middle Class
Affordable Housing via local Savings and Loan
Affordable Health Care via company insurance coverage
Affordable education via GI Bill

THEN 1980-2009—What a Change!!!

Three Republican presidents for 20 years

Initiated our involvement in 10 foreign conflicts in which hundreds of thousands of
innocents lost their lives.
Had 5 stock market crashes in 20 years
Took Carter record 218,000 jobs created per month down to 99,000
Took a 600B Budget to 3500B (less wjc itsy bitsy)
Took a 1000B Debt to 10,000B
Took a surplus to 1400B Deficit
Destroyed the great Savings and Loan Industry that had financed millions of affordable homes for the middle class.
Destroyed the local owned banking system by Repeal of Glass Steagall whereby today 10 Too Big To Fail hold 80% of all deposits in about 7000 banks. Monopoly?
Destroyed our great housing industry by allowing predator toxic loans labeled Triple A to be created and sold world wide by profiteering banks. One of all time great disasters.
Created a Modernization of Commodities Bill that freed Wall Street to become Casino Derivative of America or a bigger gambling Casino than Las Vegas.

How do We get back to 1945-1980 success for the Middle Class? Today top 10% own 73% of Net Wealth—83% Financial Wealth and get 50% of Individual Income.

It can be done via the tax code, get money out of elections, elect those who promise to be Fair protecting programs that aid the Middle Class, invest in growth and jobs in America not around the world. Clarence swinney

clarence swinney

listis actually 89


Can anyone name ten for Republican Country Club Party

Credit for this “most” of this information goes to my friend, a great mind, and his terrific site
(Rev.Ray Dubuque—www. Liberals like

Republicans fought most of these plus WWII Draft

A good Fun Test-List ones Country Club Party fought tooth and nail
And wanted to drown in a bathtub
If it was good for Middle Class and Poor Conservatives fought most of them

Thanks to: Since 1980-- 20 years of three Conservative presidents—18 years of Conservative Senate-12 years of Conservative House-6 years of Total Conservative Control= 2 unneeded wars—destruction of Wall Street-- Housing Industry--and collapse of Economy to deep recession

Country Club Party got what they wanted—

Redistribution of Income-Wealth

1% own 21% of national wealth—10% own 71%

Viva Third World Nation

2009 Health Care Reform—70% want it per polls—Kill it say GOP

1. social security act

2. medicare

3. gi bill of rights

4.national industrial recovery act

5.national housing act

6.federal communications act

7.national labor relations act-wagner act of 1935

8.fair labor standards act (min wage & max hours laws)

9.public works adm-works progress adm

10.civilian conservation act

11.Tennessee Valley (power) Authority (TVA)

12.rural electrification act (REA)

13.full employment act

14.permanent school lunch program

15. Truman ended segregation in armed forces

16.veterans emergency housing act

17.public health service act

18.marshall plan

19.peace corps

20.aid to dependent children program (schip)

21.small business investment act

22.establishment of arms control and disarmament agency

23.consumer drug protection laws

24.equal pay act

25.manpower development and retraining act

clarence swinney

President Albert Gore, Jr.

He would have continued Clinton/Newt Fiscal Policies of Pay Your Way
We would continue to have Surpluses not Debt as far as the eye can see
Debt today would be 6000B not 12000B
2010 Budget would be 3000B not 3800
Unemployment would be 5% not the real 17%.
Food Stamp Roll would be 10% not 40%
Unemployment Insurance Roll would be low
Redistribution of Wealth back to Middle Class would have continued
The top 1% would own 20% not 43% of Total Financial Wealth
He would have continued Taxing the top 1%
Wall Street Regulators would be under experts not Partners In Crime
We would have 400 military bases not 800 worldwide
We would not have two wars
We would not have lost thousands of lives of young youths
Hundreds of thousands of Muslims would still be alive
Thousands of young Muslims would still have legs feet and minds
America would still be the most admired nation on Earth not the most despised
We would go back to behaving as a Christ-Like nation via our national policies
Millions would own homes not foreclosure notices
States would not be laying off hundreds of thousands in such important jobs as
Teaching and Policing California would have a balanced budget
John Kerry would be President.
Sound common sense policies would continue.

clarence swinney

Info sources/links?

I would like to quote this, but want sources first.


Martha Brock

Bush Tax Cut

Washington, DC – Campaign for America’s Future urges Senators to support tax cuts for 98 percent of Americans and to take steps to restore fairness in the tax system. Today the Senate is scheduled to vote on the Middle Class Tax Cut Act (S. 3412). The bill would extend the Bush-era tax cuts for 98 percent of state residents who make less than $250,000 in household income, but would allow the Bush tax cuts on income above that level, which benefit the richest 2 percent, to expire.
“It’s time we stop giving large tax cuts to those who need them the least at the expense of the middle- and lower-income Americans who are struggling to get by,” said Robert Borosage, co-director of the Campaign for America’s Future. “The Senators who vote for the bill today want to ensure that every American pays their fair share.”
Ending the Bush tax cuts on household income above $250,000 would save the government nearly $1 trillion in the next decade, according to Congress’ Joint Committee on Taxation, compared to extending all of the cuts. Wealthy people earning more than $1 million a year get an average tax break of $143,000 from the Bush tax cuts, but middle-class people making about $50,000 a year get an average tax break of only $1,000, according to the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center.
“Opponents of this Bill essentially argue that the rich have too little money and the poor have too much,” said Robert Borosage, “When the rich get tax breaks they don’t need and the country can’t afford, the middle class has to make up the difference – that’s not right. ”

clarence swinney


1.From Harding In 1921 to Bush in 2003
2.Democrats held White House for 40 years and Republicans for 42.5 years.
3.Democrats created 75,820,000 net new jobs -- Republicans 36,440,000.
4.Per Year Average—Democrats 1,825,000--Republicans 856,000. WOW
5.Republicans had 9 presidents during the period and 6 had depression or recession.
6.Republicans had a recession/depression in 177 months and Democrats in 32 months. WOW.
------------------Each “significant” one was under a R president-------------------------
7.DOW—1928 to 2003—Stock market gained 11% average per year under D presidents versus 2% under R presidents. Small Cap stocks gained 18% as yearly average under D and minus 3% under R
8.GDP—grew by 43% more under Democrats. WOW
9.Income Growth—1948-2005--each increased (percentage wise)under D presidents over R presidents by these numbers-- Quintiles--(Top-10%)--(2nd-71%)-(third-127%)-(fourth-212%)-(fifth-550%) WOW

source--TimothyNoah-- Nov. 2010 in Slate magazine
Question—Why would a working person vote for a Republican for President?
Shhh do not awaken democratic leadership!

clarence swinney

keep obama

Why We Need Obama
1.Supreme Count Changes
We need to reverse Corporate Person Law
2.We needs to reverse repeal of Glass Steagall
3.We need to reverse Modernization of Commodities Markets
4.We need to remove Bush Tax Cuts for top 2%
5.We need to reform Medicare via Obamacare not Ryan Butcher Knife
6.We need to cut Defense budget not increase it
7.We need to tax wealth in order to raise revenue to pay our way
The 2013 budget has 900B deficit. Dumb. An income of 14,000B and cannot raise 3800

clarence swinney


Mike Lofgren new book The Party Is Over :Contains these:

How Republicans went Crazy, Democrats became Useless, and the Middle Class got shafted”

“Norman Ornstein and Thomas Mann have recently published a book that confirms my personal observations about Congress in virtually every particular.

They depict the “rancorous partisanship and polarization”, use of the filibuster, the decline of legislative problem-solving in favor of grandstanding and confrontation, and the universal “domination of the institution of money”. They do not fail to note the tincture of “craziness” that has overcome the GOP in the past decade, and particularly since Obama's election

Nothing will be solved in Congress until we get the Money out of politics. And by that I mean all private money. Federally funded campaigns. The public can finance a much smaller sum of money to ensure that bribery and extortion do not corrupt the democratic process. With a small guaranteed sum to campaign with during the campaign season (perhaps labor day until election
day). In the UK they last less than a month and in Australia about six weeks

Fast forward to the era of Gingrich, Luntz and group tested political slogans.

These problems are not “givens”. They arose because of stupidity and lack of attention, and they are amenable to solutions we can devise.”

P.S. SBT—Swinney Big Three—

A. Short term funded elections-no personal or outside money--

B. Ban federal employees from receiving anything with a financial value-Burn tax book start over. Exemptions must serve a common good—The $1100B in exemptions allow a balanced budget plus.

C. Progressive Flat Tax—Tax Total Income limit adjusted with limited exemptions. Tax top down to pay our way. It is so dumb we borrowed 14,000B since 1980.
when we had an annual income of 14,000B. We could have easily paid our way by taxing wealth Fairly. We pandered the to the rich and their 20,000 lobbyists on K Street.
Clarence Swinney—Burlington nc
Lofgren spent 28 years in Congress. Last sixteen on Budget committees.

clarence swinney