Gang rape on Jones Street

I've been away for a month, watching the sad collapse of North Carolina from the other side of the world. Upon my return this morning, I discovered that Gene Nichols has done the hard work of chronicling the ongoing GOP assault with a column in the News and Observer: On being governed by brigands.

I have only one problem with Gene's column: it shows too much restraint. To label Tillis & Co., as "brigands" is too kind by a wide margin. Because what is happening in our state is nothing less than good, old-fashioned gang rape.

Gene closes his column with a call to action. I couldn't agree more.

We can suffer such damage in two or four or six years that it will take generations to recover. We face exigency, true and unrelenting, cruel and demeaning, serious and deadly. An outraged citizenry is now obliged to rise in order to protect its children, its future and its shared bond.

That can’t wait for the next electoral season. It’ll be too late. See you in the streets.


You have to help

All the hand-wringing and whining in the world isn't going to make a bit of different. As Gene writes, we have to take to the streets.

The first step? A statewide strike. Eight days from now.

Like you, I've never organized a statewide strike. How do we make this happen?


As we all know there are far more progressive and better places to live than NC. Perhaps we should concentrate there. Say California, Massachusetts, Illinois etc. Perhaps we should leave these Luddites to their own demise.

I've thought about moving

but have decided that I'm not willing to give up that much. To turn around and old saying ... if we can't join them, beat them.


I believe I read somewhere that North Carolina was one of the leading states that people are moving to. At any rate I think we got more people moving in than out. Of course they are not moving here for our politics as I personally don't think most people are as involved as us politicos. Ignorance is bliss. I think people move here because we are the home of Mayberry. And the Research Triangle. Our schools are lowly rated but people keep coming. And the mountains and coastal areas are nice retirement destinations. And we still got plenty of wide open spaces. We got pretty decent weather and plenty of inexpensive colleges. And all those big banks in Charlotte. And NASCAR racing. But for whatever reason we got more people coming than going. Evidently other states don't have what we got, whatever it is that we got that is attracting new residents. I was born here and have traveled widely. And always glad to get back home. We will probably get through the current government in Raleigh and the current government in Washington. And the next one and the next one and the next one. We always have before.

Well my wife and I are headed

Well my wife and I are headed outa here ASAP.
Sadly it is going to take us probably 2 years or so.
We are headed to Oregon, a BLUE state full of progressive liberal democrats and about 25% Atheist.

If we could I would leave TODAY.

The Pope / McCrory budget will

  • Result in firing more then 3000 teaching assistants
  • Maintain our position of 48th in the nation in per pupil funding
  • Maintain our position of 46th in the nation in teacher pay
  • Fail to cover all eligible pre-K children
  • Spend $600 million in North Carolina dollars on Medicaid while rejecting federal funding
  • Increase pay for cabinet members by 11%, with only 1% for frontline public workers
  • Cut taxes on millionaires by eliminating the estate tax, while raising taxes on poor and middle class families

Regarding Medicaid

Another must-read column, this one from Adam Searing.

As one of the state’s most visible leaders on the subject of public health, Steckel should take great care with comments on North Carolina’s Medicaid program and with messages she delivers to folks in the trenches.

After all, one of the main reasons North Carolina’s Medicaid program has become a national model with the lowest cost growth of any program is the widespread commitment of primary health care providers, hospitals and other health institutions to the system. Indeed, these health organizations have undertaken herculean efforts over the past two decades to work together in an effort to improve care and to lower costs in our Medicaid program.

I propose using pitchforks

A lobbyist asked me not so long ago what it would take to change things in NC (she is originally from Michigan), and I told her I did not think anything less than the people marching on Jones Street armed with pitch forks would do the trick. That was before the GOP began their occupancy of our Capitol!

I still can envision scores of folks from across the state with real or pretend pitchforks arriving at the People's House on Jones Street armed for conflict with the powers that be.

Martha Brock

A march on Jones Street

with 10,000 pitchforks would be a great expression of our 2nd Amendment rights

A bunch of rednecks fondling

A bunch of rednecks fondling their AR15s marching for Second Amendment Rights hardly draws a second glance from Law Enforcement anymore.

I'd bet a bunch of mad pitchfork wielding North Carolinians would get the National Guard called out.

Don't forget the torches...I like torches.

Glad you're back, my friend

Trying to keep up with all the crap Republicans keep dishing out would keep a dozen accountants busy. Every day brings something new and nauseating.

Thanks, Steve

And thank you. Your steady presence has contributed more than you know to keeping BlueNC moving forward ... and to helping get North Carolina back on track.

Now we have to figure out how to stimulate broader engagement ... and get people outside the blogosphere to understand what the heck is happening.

No matter how you slice it,

the mainstream media is still the key. I am heartened to a certain extent by the in-depth coverage from Laura and Mark. I've seen more critical reporting coming out of WRAL in the last year or so than in all the years prior. But they're still only able to peel a few layers before they run into a storm of bullshit.

And so, the speculation is still up to us. And even when we get it right, we still don't get credit. I brought up the Chase Burns money mere days after it happened, and now that the story has gone viral, not a damn word about BlueNC in the news or even on other blogs. Not a fucking word.

If I were a more sensitive type, that might hurt my feelings. ;)


With the right being in control of the Supreme Court, the Governor's mansion, and with super-majorities in the House and the Senate, and with that not likely to change anytime this decade due to the gerrymandered maps, the media is the only one left to act as a check and balance. No one else is going to ride in and save the state that they live in too.