Gary Robertson sees no GOP wrongdoing, smears Dems

A piece by mainstream media servant Gary Robertson is running all across North Carolina.

In it, you'll read names of former Democratic office holders that were in trouble with the law.

What won't you find? One - just one - name of a "troubled" GOP politician. Of course they exist, they just don't fit dear ol' Gary's story of woe for Dems.

Robertson reaches all the way back to 2003 to name former Ag Commissioner Phipps as a troubled Dem. Does he reach back as far for troubled GOPers? Ha!

Hey Robertson, it's 2010. Phipps was released in 2007. Got any new news to report? Been able to do any research in the past 3 years?

Republican bad boys include former GOP state senator John Carrington (why isn't he mentioned more with the LEA story)? He plead guilty to illegally sending technology to RED CHINA for chrissakes. It happened in 2005 -- two years after the Phipps story.

Former GOP state Rep. David Almond's scandalous episode has been linked to here profusely and forgotten by the scandal mongers in the mainstream media.

And of course former GOP Rep. Cary Allred who resigned in disgrace last year (that's 2009), just doesn't rate for Robertson's storyline.

It's a damn shame when facts and linear time get in the way of your story isn't it, Gary?

Looking forward to the follow-up on GOP scandals. Do me proud and do some research next time. There's plenty GOP scandals to report on if you care to.

You can even reach back a few years if you feel like it - just like you did for the Dems.


Roberston & AP

I've witnessed his reporting for four years now, but stopped reading it about three years ago. The AP, in my view, is part of the problem ... and it appears to have increasing visibility in the N&O.

Sad state of affairs all around.

The only GOP name in Robertson's story is...



The mainstream media won't even report his beard's wife's age.

Why not touch that timely tidbit with a ten foot pole?

At least when she graduated college? Surely that's "general info."

IOKIYAR - google it


Not to worry !

I'm sure those who want to be reelected will be distancing themselves from the creeping scandal. But we'll have the last laugh when Ruffin and Governor Easley are vindicated. I'm sure it's all just a misunderstanding which will be cleared up shortly. Pointing the finger at the Repubs while the Dems are in the dock is not quite a defense. It's been a long time but isn't that like the "tu quoque" defense used at the end of WWII. I believe it goes: "You can't convict me because you have done the same or worse."

you really don't want to go there

The point of his whole story is to show that the state Democratic party has some serious problems to deal with, including President Obama's struggling agenda and low polling numbers, a tepid economy, the ongoing Easley investigation, and a series of scandals, and that the party's long chokehold on power in N.C. may actually be at risk in 2010. He is not doing a story on political corruption in N.C. If he were, then your comments would be warranted.

Gary is a good reporter. Your complaint falls into the category of "Don't kill the messenger."

It's not his fault there have been so many major corruption scandals involving Democrats. How many Democrats have resigned from either the House or Senate in recent years due to legal or moral issues? Jim Black, Ty Harrell, Mike Decker (yes, he was a Democrat, don't forget), Thomas Wright and Paul Miller. Wright, Black and Decker are all still in jail, and Miller was also convicted and got probation and a fine. Don't forget a U.S. congressman (Frank Ballance), a judge (Gary Ballance), a statewide elected official (Meg Scott Phipps), and numerous Democratic appointees (Kevin Geddings, George Tatum) have all been convicted of crimes and have done or are doing time. And the smoke emanating from Governor Easley is still gathering power and victims.

There certainly have been Republicans with legal issues, but how many of them are currently in jail or received jail time? I can't think of any in recent memory. Democrats have racked up years of prison time.

Rep. Almond did something stupid, for sure, but at least the Republicans at the General Assembly got together and forced him to resign. Rep. Allred resigned but he didn't face any charges (other than a speeding ticket). Their transgressions are minor compared to the corruption being perpetrated by Democrats.

And I really cannot believe somebody linked anything to "Madame Justice's" Web site. She is an idiot of the first degree.

Oh but I do want to go there

Your complaint falls into the category of "Don't kill the messenger."

Gary is Uncle Festzer's messenger.

That's my point, Heir Obfuscator.

What has Gary written about Uncle Festzer's "issues" quickly marrying a young woman when politically needed?

The media chose to bury the Rep. Almond story. But Gary will bring up the Phipps story years AFTER she's out of jail.

And you continue to be wrong on the facts. It was Speaker Hackney who gave House GOP Chief Stam a quick minute to get rid of Rep. Almond before Hackney did it for him. A most generous gesture from Hackney that Stam still won't admit publicly.

While you're obfuscating, please be more clear about your standard for the mainstream media reporting on politicians. It is convictions or jail time?

You mention both, but ignore my example of former Republican state senator John Carrington.

There's many more GOP operatives who have been charged/convicted/jailed.

Name your standard. I'll meet it.

Can your beloved reporter (who is paid to do this) do the same?


You are missing the point of the article

This was not an article about corruption in state politics. It was not an article about which party has more corrupt members (believe me, there are plenty to go around). It was not an article that tried to recapitulate recent history of political scandals in N.C. It was an article about the difficulties the Democrats may have in 2010 and it mentioned the recent history of bad behavior by Democrats as one of the many problems the Dems will face this year. If you can't see that this just might be an issue on the campaign trail, then you need to take your blinders off.

Fetzer getting married is not news.

The media has not buried the Almond story because there is no story to bury. He was a state legislator who did something stupid and resigned. When he resigned, he was covered by the media. What do you want them to do? Give us an update on what he's doing now? Is he in sex rehab with Tiger Woods? Who cares?

Phipps was a state-level elected official who broke campaign finance laws, encouraged subordinates to cover it up and then lied about it. Her trial and conviction were front page new for weeks, and she is the poster child for corrupt North Carolina state politicians (although she may be replaced by a former Governor in a year or so). Comparing the cases of Phipps and Almond is just ridiculous.

Again no response to the case of GOP felon Carrington

What do you want them to do? Give us an update on what he's doing now? Is he in sex rehab with Tiger Woods? Who cares?

I guess that'll take all the John Edwards stories right off the front page then. Thanks for that obvious double standard.

David Almond, meet John Edwards. How are politics in south central NC? Some GOPers not running for reelection to the legislature?

Don't worry. The mainstream media won't print a word about retiring GOPers (in Almond's backyard, dontcha know). They'll just keep saying "Bad year for Dems"

Carrington = felon. Don't forget this time.


You can't be serious

You're trying to compare Almond with John Edwards? Edwards cheated on his cancer-stricken wife, impregnated his lover, denied it, paid off a staffer to lie about it, paid off his lover, denied it all again and again and again and kept running for President! He accepted millions in campaign contributions - some of which he funnelled to his lover - from people who believed in him even though he knew he had acted in such a manner that if he ever became President and it all came out - and it would - he would have been impeached!! And you think Almond's case is comparable? Give me a break!

Put Carrington on the list if it will make you happy. Fine by me.

You finally got it

Put Carrington on the list if it will make you happy. Fine by me

Mainstream media maven Robertson conjured a storyline (or "analysis" piece to give even more benefit of doubt), but he left glaring inconsistencies in his analysis.

You don't get to conjure a storyline and be considered unbiased or "just reporting the facts."

Robertson was caught making news instead of reporting it.

Even just these sentences would have offered the pretense of balance.

Scandals have hit the NC GOP recently too, including the resignation of former Rep. David Almond after a lurid accusation. Two current GOP legislators near his former district are retiring this election season as well.

But we didn't even get that from Robertson.



I might be getting it, but you're not

The point of his analysis was about the difficulties the Dems will be facing in 2010 to hold onto power. (I don't think it'll be too tough on the Republicans to maintain their lack of power.)

Robertson hasn't been "caught" doing anything (unlike Almond!).

That two GOP members in the House have decided to retire is irrelevant to the premise of the article.

Is there anything in his story that is inaccurate? I have read it several times and don't see anything inaccurate in it. If he reported something incorrectly, then you've got a complaint.