Gene Messick....

What is this guy's problem?

I've joined the ranks of other good dems and am being slandered by him. One of his mails was forwarded to me. He took something our chair wrote about the convention that has been posted on our website, twisted it up, and acted like I was an idiot for inviting any democrats who wanted to come to our convention...whew.

He made a case out of my going by my middle name, which is weird. When a friend tried to correct him but got my first name wrong (understandable, as I don't really use it), Gene jumped all over him for not "fact checking", and then spewed more garbage-completely ignoring that my friend was referring to September being my name and not a "moniker".

LOL, and Mr. Messick STILL has my last name wrong! He actually wrote that according to ME, my name is McGrady.
Um, NO, it's McCrady. I'm pretty freakin' sure....being it's MINE.

Oh, Mr. Messick also felt the need to say I wasn't an officer....though I am. So much for his fact checking skills.

He's now accused me of driving people in Iredell completely out of politics. Sure..

I'm pretty sure I know who gave him that piece of nonsense....we've got our own troublemakers out this way who tried unsuccessfully to divide the party.

It's challenging enough to hold on to hope in a red county, what kind of Democrat tries to undermine the efforts of hard working party members?