Germany Issues Warrants for NC CIA pilots

According to the Washington Post this morning:

BERLIN, Jan. 31 -- German prosecutors on Wednesday said they have issued arrest warrants for 13 CIA operatives suspected of kidnapping a German citizen in the Balkans in 2004 and taking him to a secret prison in Afghanistan before realizing several months later that they had the wrong person.

According to an AP report out of Berlin in the Charlotte Observer and Durham Herald-Sun:

ARD public television reported that investigators worked from passport photocopies made by a hotel where the suspects stayed. The report gave what it said were the cover names of three men who were pilots and lived in North Carolina.

According to Irish RTE News:

Most of the CIA employees sought live in the US state of North Carolina, however the German arrest warrants are not valid in the US and US authorities have refused to co-operate with the investigation.

Blogger Dancewater has a good summary of the connections between the CIA rendition program and North Carolina which was also posted to Daily Kos. The group STOP TORTURE NOW has been most active in highlighting the abuses and the North Carolina connection. Verla Insko is one of a group of Legislators who signed a letter asking Attorney General Roy Cooper and the Governor to investigate North Carolina companies involved in the rendition program.

A copy of the letter dated January 18th and signed by 22 legislators is located at Laura Leslie's Isaac Hunter's Tavern blog at WUNC


Okay! Come out of the C130 with your hands up?

The report gave what it said were the cover names of three men who were pilots and lived in North Carolina.* News Report

Boy! I bet the Republican Sheriff of Johnston County has his Swat Team out at the Johnston County International CIA Airport surround by now waiting on the fugtives.

one word A...


No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

dont forget our own..........

I am a member of Stop Torture Now and we appreciate the posting of this story. Please do not forget our own Democratic governor who has repeatedly turned a blind eye and deaf ear to rendition and NC's role. please contact his office to express your outrage.

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