Gerrymandering in NC gets national attention

I thought computers were supposed to free us from tyranny:

The point man for the strategy was Thomas Hofeller, who would not speak with the Globe on the record, citing ongoing lawsuits in multiple states in which he has been called to testify, including in North Carolina. Hofeller, a redistricting consultant to the Republican National Committee, has been hired by state legislators across the country to gain maximum political advantage without running afoul of the law, including the Voting Rights Act designed to ensure that African-Americans are not disenfranchised.

Yeah, this dude's a veteran at the art of disenfranchising voters, and for the edification of any attorneys and other court officials adjudicating the redistricting lawsuits, he's also a good coach:

NEVER travel without counsel.

• “Loose Lips, Sink Ships.”

• Remember ---- A journey to
legal HELL starts with but a
single misstatement OR a
stupid email!

• Treat every statement and document as if
it was going to appear on the FRONT
PAGE of your local newspaper.

• “Emails are the tool of the devil.” Use
personal contact or a safe phone!

• Remember that members are usually
unable to distinguish between
theoretical and real plans. Don’t
enlighten the innocent! Don’t reveal
more than necessary.

• Make sure your security is real

• Make sure of the security of your
printouts and plots.

• Remember recent email disasters !!!

So much for the process being upfront and totally legal. I wonder if he does seminars for the la Cosa Nostra.
Back to the Globe article:

The committee held a series of meetings in Washington, followed by a flurry of phone calls and briefings around the country, with business leaders and other donors, who contributed more than $20 million to the project, including $1.2 million to flip the state Legislature in North Carolina.

The US Chamber of Commerce, which contributed $3.9 million, was the committee’s top donor in the 2010 election cycle. Other major contributors spanned the insurance, telecommunications, retail, and pharmaceutical industries.

Republicans may have been the architects, but the mansion they've built is for their corporate masters. And they've built it on our (the people's) land.

Illegitimate government indeed.


No sympathy for Shuler

An evangelical Christian who spoke openly about his faith, Shuler opposed abortion rights. He opposed gun control. And he was swayed by Emanuel’s pitch — that the good folks of western North Carolina needed a conservative Democrat to reflect their views in Washington.

Shuler won by a 54 to 46 margin, and in the following six years made a convincing case that he was among the most conservative Democrats, voting against President Obama’s health reform law and even challenging Nancy Pelosi for the post of minority leader. He won reelection twice. As one of the few remaining Southern white Democrats in Congress, he built bridges with Republicans, consistently ranking as one of the House’s least partisan members.

But Republican leadership saw him as a threat in Washington’s winner-take-all culture, and wanted to deny the Democrats a toehold in the South.

Just one of many reasons I will never support a blue dog or any other breed of canine who wags his tail at regressive and morally bankrupt conservative ideals. And for those of you reading this who are prepared to hold your nose in an effort to put a "d" in a conservative-leaning district, never forget that the brain needs oxygen. Deprive it too much, and you become an idiot.

I Wonder if Hofeller Has Added This One...

...make sure the microphone in your GOP caucus meeting is not open for the press to hear you selecting your chief obfuscator spokesman.

I suppose equating "corporations" with "people" is how we are now seeing government of, by and for the "people". Bleah.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Outstanding diary

I cannot figure out why the DOJ isn't going after the gerrymandering hammer and tongs.

glad you shared this article

i live in CT but have some relatives near Charlotte so i try to pay attention to what goes on down there. i was saddened to read about how Asheville got cut up.

I agree that having Shuler in there was really just an empty seat for Dems.

keep up the good work.