Gillespie pulls a fast one on voters

I bet you won't see this on a campaign sign:

Veteran lawmaker Rep. Mitch Gillespie – who in 2011 literally drew a bulls-eye target on his legislative office window aimed at the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources – will resign next month to become an assistant secretary of the agency.

Setting aside for the moment the negative impact of having an outspoken opponent of DENR taking over some of its reins, over 2/3 of the voters in his district turned out to vote for Gillespie, and donors contributed over $150,000 to his campaign. And in return, they're going to get someone else as a Representative, chosen by a small group of (also) unelected people. And this:

The newspapers quoted Gillespie saying he would resign from the House soon after being sworn in to his eighth term, to which he was re-elected in November.

He said he wanted to be officially sworn in to the office he had won, and that would give him seniority if he were to ever be re-elected to the House.

Is one of the most disgusting political statements I have ever seen. I have no doubt that swearing an oath to office for which you do not intend to hold somehow makes sense to Republicans. But it's also proof they don't have the integrity to manage our State's affairs.


Conservative values...

Conservative values...