Give Virginia Foxx a piece of your mind on the budget

Virginia Foxx got an op-ed published in several newspapers in her district a few days ago, hammering Obama and the Democrats on the budget and repeating many of the same talking points that Paul Ryan and Company have been hammering in conservative media the past few days.

If you have some time, call in to the Town Hall on April 15th and give Foxx and her henhouse some grief.

I've also been Googling around a little bit - I have a funny feeling that Foxx or her staff didn't write this op-ed and versions of it are floating around under the bylines of different legislators. If you find proof of this, post something in the comments.

On April 15, I hope to continue this conversation with residents from the 5th District. At 5:30 p.m. I will be hosting a telephone town hall meeting to hear constituents’ questions and concerns about taxation and the country’s broader financial health. Reforms offered in the Path to Prosperity budget to address economic growth and the rising national debt will also be discussed.

Those wishing to take part in the telephone town hall conversation may do so by dialing 1-888-409-4380 at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, April 15. Additional town hall information may be found by visiting my website,