Glimmers of hope

Many people I know are despondent over the shitshow going on in Raleigh, myself included. It's hard to understand how grown adults can behave with such callous disregard for our institutions, and indeed for government itself. But the problem is not complex. ALL of the legislative challenges we're facing can be traced back to aggressive and unconstitutional gerrymandering. All of them.

The next few weeks are a critical period during which this problem might be rectified. Dozens of districts will have to be redrawn and it seems unlikely that the partisan gerrymanders will survive. The playing field will be leveled somewhat, though it will require fighting for every inch of gain.

I have a lot of confidence in Governor Cooper to work through the issues effectively. For one thing, he's batting 3 to 0 against the Republican legislature in court. And for another thing, the courts seem to be more than a little pissed off by Republican foot-dragging. If only the courts would tell Bergermoore to drop dead and let the adults in the room get on with creating fair maps.

Time will tell, as it always does. Republicans know they are on the losing end of a great demographic shift in North Carolina, so they will not go down quietly. And in the long run, all their ugliness and pettiness will be scrubbed away by We the People ... just like what's happening in Kansas right now. In that sad state, Governor Brownback bet his political life that cutting taxes was the only thing that mattered. Turns out he was full of crap, with his own party rebelling against austerity 101.

In the meantime, I'm doing my best to focus on the only thing that matters: electing Democrats who are committed to freedom and fairness. Too bad no Republicans understand those simple ideas.



On the off-chance we will

end up with some 2017 Legislative elections, we're going to have to hop like fricking rabbits to get things in place by November. Or even earlier, if there are Primaries...