Don’t get distracted

Some are saying North Carolinians are now left with an unenviable choice in the US Senate. We can vote for a guy who texted with a woman (not his wife) in California. Or we can vote for a guy who stood by silently while 200,000 people died in the pandemic for no good reason. It's a no brainer.

Cal says he's not dropping out of the race for US Senate, and he shouldn't. He made a mistake and he apologized. I'm willing to drop it. Because when it comes to decency and morality, I'll take a little texting over accessory to mass murder any day.

When I hear Thom Tillis apologize for his role in two hundred thousand needless American deaths, I might be willing to drop that too.



As Steve has observed

What Cal did can hardly be called "sexting." It was goo-goo eyes infatuation that comes nowhere near sexual anything.

Tillis, on the other side, has blood on his hands. #210000dead

Title changed

The more I look at this, the less there is to see.

I like Senators ...

... who don't go around without a mask spreading COVID.