Good riddance Rep. McIntyre!

In one of his last acts as a Congressman, Rep. Mike McIntyre is trying to strip my marriage and the marriages of couples just like us across North Carolina of federal recognition. He's going out swinging, trying to harm North Carolinians as he goes, even if it means standing alone with the Republicans as he does, giving them cover to call this bipartisan.

This is the kind of act that is helping drive youth into the growing ranks of the independents in this state rather than the shrinking ranks of the Democratic Party. His stance is firmly rooted in the past and on the wrong side of history, in opposition to Senator Hagan's and Attorney General Cooper's support of marriage equality.

Rep. Mike McIntrye (D-NC) announced his retirement this week so he figures he's got nothing to lose by joining 36 teabaggers in cosponsoring Rep. Randy Weber's laughably doomed bill that would limit the federal government to only recognizing same-sex marriages that are legally conducted in the state where the married couple resides.

It is comforting to know that this bill will never become law. It's questionable if it would pass the House, it would definitely not pass the Senate, and there's no way President Obama or any future Democratic President would ever sign it into law. The only purpose I can see is to go on record calling LGBT North Carolinians less than one more time before leaving office.


What. A. Jerk.

Sorry, I know there are folks who think Mr. Mike is better than an R, and that may be true. But this kind of nose-thumbing is uncalled for.

People will use this act as evidence of stupidity that forever defines him as a bigot and a tool. I certainly will.

Rep. McIntyre sponsored Jason Thigpen

Jake, I thoroughly agree with you...Good Riddance! Rep. McIntyre ensured he paraded Mr. Thigpen around for the world to see. Thigpen, a so-called disgruntled Tea Party Member, turned Democrat was sponsored by Rep. McIntyre in his coming out party. Obviously Mike McIntyre got Thigpen on the National News broadcasts to ensure he had name recognition, and Mr. Thigpen brought his $44K in Republican money with him when he announced he was running for Congress in North Carolina's 3rd District. Two Weeks a Democrat and running for Congress in North Carolina. Wonder where he got that advice from.....maybe Mike McIntyre?

Jake, luckily we have a lifelong Democrat, a Real Democrat, Marshall Adame, running against Thigpen, otherwise we could see Walter Jones Jr. running against a so-called "Former Tea Party Member" in the General Election in the 3rd District in November.

Jake tell all your friends we need financial support to get Marshall elected. They can donate at:

Worse than an R

As Jake said, this co-sponsorship gives the bill a veneer (however thin) of bipartisanship, which not only taints other Dems, it makes the targets (LGBT couples) feel like they're besieged on all fronts.

I wish like hell we could (as a State Party) vote him "out" of our ranks. But in the absence of that, he should at least be censured by the NCDP. Pretty sure we can do that.


He was good for one vote-- to organize the House. Still, his campaign people did push the rest of the ticket.

His likely replacements are Woody White who lost re-election to the NC senate for running a full page ad the weekend before the election denouncing his opponent as a lesbian, David Rouzer, a protege of Jesse Helms, or, less likely, Ilario Pantano, probably a war criminal. We are likely to do worse.

The only Democratic hat in the ring so far is that of Jonathan Barfield, whom I like and will work for come the general election, but I doubt he can carry NC7. We are likely to do worse.

Too many degrees off

It's really a moot point, since McIntyre is retiring anyway. But like I mentioned on another diary, you are what you do. For all practical purposes, McIntyre is/was a Republican. The "D" beside his name did much more damage to the Party's perceived character than the random, occasional decent vote he cast did good.

While I doubt we can expect any Liberal/Progressive renaissance to emerge in the district, when all they've had are bad choices put in front of them for multiple election cycles, the "voting history" may not be an accurate gauge of future voting. And yes, that's me exercising some wishful thinking. ;)

McIntyre didn't even do that

He was good for one vote-- to organize the House.

No. He wasn't.

He didn't vote for the Democratic caucus nominee for speaker in 2011 and 2013.

He's worse than worthless.

Good riddance.


Watching Them Jumping Ship and sinking with it!

This is the kind of act that is helping drive youth into the growing ranks of the independents in this state rather than the shrinking ranks of the Democratic Party.*Jake

A NationWide Gallup Poll this week where they interview 18,000 political activist's, shows that 25% were died in the Wool Repubicans.. A drop of 5 points since 2012, where the Democrats show 31% a drop of 1 to 2 points and the Independents shows a amazing 41% all time high since 1996 Perot's last campaign with 18% ..

In Short, this massive jump shows the Repubs disappearing from the Planet with their all time low and the Democrats slowing sinking into the Wall Street Miltitary Industrial Complex Police State Septic Tank mess..

Open Primaries

In NC if you register as a party member you can only vote in that party's primary. If you register unaffiliated you can vote in any party's primary. If you don't intend to be an active party member, unaffiliated makes more sense: you can vote for or against whom you choose in the primary you choose for that election.

I don't think most registering voters make that calculation, but it is a rational choice.

1% Factionism & Fusionism Parties Theories Never Work

I don't think most registering voters make that calculation, but it is a rational choice.*jc

You got that right! Classic examples are Tea Party politics controling the GOP which is a myth or Progressives politics controling the Democrat Party which is a myth also.. They are both control by the 1% Corporate Beasts of Wall Street.

Years ago.. A independent Candiate for the Office of the President was asked the difference between both major politicial parties. His answer was simple.. One Party wants to drive you off the Cliff at 80 mph and the other wants to drive you off the Cliff at 50 mph.. Either way you go off the Cliff dead....

Taking Ownership

I fully understand the rationale of the Independent votes in the state, and speaking as a former Independent, I can tell you it does provide the best of both worlds. However, while Independent candidates have found some successes at the Federal Level, it appears that the dominance of the two major parties will maintain it's hold on the Presidency for some time to come. Even at the Congressional Level the two major parties are still strong, and I understand that is changing but slowly. In the meantime our Country and the Great State of North Carolina faces never before seen assaults on social and economical programs.

Independents will play a pivotal role in elections to come, and in my opinion, the 2014 mid-terms could be the first of many to come. The issue remains however, the lack of Independent candidates to vote for. So which party do Independents actually align themselves to in order to support their political agendas? That is the real questions. One thing is for certain, the current group in Washington have come to the point where they are totally ineffective when it comes to the peoples business. The divide between the parties are so great compromise has become unattainable.

Independent voters, (at least I did) look to the person that best defines what they expect from a Representative. Someone that will put the country above their own personal gains, that will not be driven by greed, but by patriotism. By love of country and the citizens they represent, not the special interest, and the big money they represent. Someone with this on his office door....."The United States of America is NOT FOR SALE"! (And Neither is My Vote)

I want someone that will stand tall and proud with his constituents when the state attacks their civil rights, their school systems, their teachers, and our ability to feed our children, after all they too are constituents of their state representatives. And finally, I want someone who understands that "Politics Is The Art Of Compromise".

How organized are independents?

From your time as an independent, do you know how organized independents are in this state? Given the redistricting maps, I'm thinking it's going to take overwhelming margins for any non-republicans to win. Something like 51% of the state voting for Democratic Congressmen gave the Republicans a heavy majority of the congressional seats in the state.

I see that as meaning 51% of the state isn't enough, something like 75% of the state voting in one direction is the only way to overcome these maps, and given that Dems have dropped in membership so much and Independents have increased in membership so much, I see a lot resting on their shoulders, to get organized, get active, and not wait for someone to court their vote near election time. Do you think that is happening?

One of the major problems with compromise

is it can take something with real potential for progress and turn it into something that produces both positive and negative consequences. Our REPS (Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards) bill was a prime example. Utilities like Duke Energy agreed to support the bill if we also reinstated CWIP (Construction Work In Progress), a practice that was outlawed back in the 1980's because utilities abused the privilege so much. Basically, it allows them to directly bill ratepayers for construction costs, before the first kilowatt is produced.

And they've been jacking up rates ever since. Of course, you won't hear about that from Art Pope's circus, because all they want to do is kill renewable energy. And you won't hear much about it from corporate Dems, because they're the ones that decided it was okay.