Good Signs for Anthony Foxx & Democrats in Charlotte

Last week candidates for local office filed campaign finance reports and the news was good for Charlotte mayoral candidate, Anthony Foxx. He leads his Republican opponent in money raised and cash on hand. In the latest filing period, Foxx reports raising almost $250,000 and Lassiter reports raising $137,000. As of mid October, Foxx had $267,000 on hand with Lassiter having $184,000. It wasn't long ago the Lassiter campaign was touting its superior fundraising numbers.

More good news can be found in the voter registration numbers. While registered Democrats are decreasing in numbers faster than registered Republicans in North Carolina, Mecklenburg County shows the reverse is true. There was a greater drop in the number of registered Republicans October '09 over November '08 than Democrats according to numbers provided by Stephen Gheen. (PDF) Also, between September 2009 and October 2009 Mecklenburg led the rest of the state in Dem registration.

Foxx has run a positive campaign and has met with voters at every chance. Lassiter has shown up for the most part, but he has complained about forum or debate rules immediately prior to most events giving some folks closely following this election reason to believe he's working in panic mode.

Anthony Foxx appears to have the momentum to win this race. Charlotte hasn't had a Democrat serve as mayor since Sue Myrick took office at the end of 1987. As tired as I am of this whole "change" mantra, this is one time I can embrace it. We don't need McCrory lite. Vote Foxx at the polls on Tuesday.


Not sure about the negative mailer from NCDP...

This past week the NCDP sent a negative mailer independent of the Foxx campaign and Republicans tried to accuse Foxx of going negative. It was an odd feeling to see the mailer since the campaign to this point has been fairly positive. Lassiter has a very moderate voting record and too many people know him personally. My fear is the mailer is going to backfire. It's one thing to drop a mailer in a congressional district or a statewide race where so few voters know the candidate, but in a city election where the candidate is well known and well thought of, a negative mailer from an outside source can backfire more easily.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I'm a little worried

Maine voters narrowly favor Question 1, which would reverse the state's law legalizing same sex marriage.

At 51-47 it's within the margin of error but there has been slight movement in support of the question since a PPP poll two weeks ago showed it knotted up at 48.

Republicans headed for a Virginia sweep
Bob McDonnell leads Creigh Deeds 56-42 in PPP's final poll of the race.

Chapel Hill and Charlotte...
Not going to get to Chapel Hill and Charlotte tonight. Chapel Hill should be out by noon tomorrow, we need to do some more interviews in Charlotte but we'll try to get it out by early afternoon.

Thanks for staying up with us. Unless Democrats really have an aversion to answering polls on Halloween weekend (wasn't a problem last year) Tuesday is going to be a pretty brutal election night. We shall see.
Posted by Tom Jensen at 2:02 AM

I want to see those numbers, but I'm also worried by what they will mean. If you can do anything between today and the end of tomorrow to help the No on 1 campaign in Maine, the Mark for Mayor campaign in Chapel Hill, or the Foxx for Mayor race in Charlotte, then now is the time to do so.


The DSCC is mightily worried about the blowback of this election cycle. That's probably why they're waiting to back Cal Cunningham ... after the dusts settles a little.

I'd be worried too. Democrats have been behaving like Republicans for the past year ... and worse.

I thought we didn't like the DSCC picking our candidate

for us. Why do we care when they roll out their chosen one? If I were Cal Cunningham the last thing I'd want is for people to think the DSCC had me on a short leash....or a long one for that matter.

Meanwhile....there was a very quiet announcement of another candidate entering the race recently. Frank Deaton from Charlotte is going to run. My understanding is that he is a good old fashioned liberal, but I'll have to find out more before I state that as a fact.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Kay Hagan wasn't seriously thinking about running in the last cycle ... not until she was "picked" by the DSCC. That's certainly not the case with Cunningham. If the DSCC decides to back him, it will be because they're betting on a potential winner, not looking for someone to run against the gay guy.

Hagan was recruited by the DSCC and then

did exactly what Cal appears to be doing - she waited to see if another DSCC pick would jump in the race. Had she waited a bit longer there wouldn't have been that on again, off again, on again mess.

...and yes, WE. At the time, as you should recall, I was a Jim Neal supporter and stood right along with you suggesting Schumer was acting like a homophobe. How do you know the DSCC isn't picking someone to run against the Black guy?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I have secret sources

Just kidding. I don't know anything, I'm just reading tea leaves.

From all I can see, Etheridge is not going to run. Plus it simply makes sense that Cal would holding off until after tomorrow ... probably early next week ... so that his announcement doesn't get lost in the noise of whatever bad news the cycle brings. I have no idea if the DSCC will throw their weight behind him, but if they don't, it's hard to see them backing Lewis or Marshall.

I don't think Etheridge is going to run either

and I'm glad. I think Cal will make a great choice for North Carolina, but I also think Elaine and Kenneth have a lot to offer. I don't know Frank Deaton all that well, but I will find out more about him.

I think you are exactly right about the nervousness at the DSCC which means we need to pick the best candidate for NC and then convince the DSCC to go for broke. We have some very strong candidates stepping forward and I'm sure the DSCC will follow our lead. (ahem...I know...I'm dreaming) What we can't afford is the backlash that we had in the last election. We're going to be working in a completely different atmosphere and we're going to have to come together very quickly after the primary.

As far as I'm concerned, not one of the Democrats stepping forward would make a bad's just that some of them make better candidates.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Holy Cow!

That's a lot of money being spent on a municipal election for Mayor even if it is in our largest city. As in all NC municipalities with a Council-Manager form of government, the main difference between the Mayor and a Councilmember is that the Mayor runs the meetings. Some mayors vote on everything and some vote only when there is a tie, but their votes count the same.

Of course, many people think a mayor actually runs the city, but that is usually not the case. Man, that's a lot of money just to be able to preside over zoning hearings!

Im going out to vote for Foxx

What can be done about Myrick? I'm new to Charlotte



Welcome to Charlotte ... from Chapel Hill. Good to see you out this evening.

Invest in a good set of headphones or ear plugs

She is quite shrill.

Welcome to my hometown. I have moved out to Union County, but Sue is my rep too.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.