Goolsby gloats, and reinforces Perdue's legacy in the process

Arrogance might impress the feeble-minded; but the rest of us, not so much:

Instead of pulling a ‘Bill Clinton’ and running to the center in order to be the hero, she distanced herself from many popular reforms that she could have owned. She could have been a populist hero fighting Obamacare, balancing the $3 billion deficit in the state budget, instituting voter ID, dismantling the Racial (In)Justice Act, reforming medical malpractice liability and making the state energy independent. Instead, to her detriment, Perdue fought the Republicans on all these popular issues.

Thanks for reminding us. While Goolsby might believe changing your principles as often as you change your necktie is admirable behavior, I believe otherwise. I also believe Bev Perdue may have knowingly sacrificed future wealth and success in order to do what's right for the people of NC, and that should also be part of her legacy.



"I also believe Bev Perdue may have knowingly sacrificed future wealth and success in order to do what's right for the people of NC,..."

That is why she will never be understood by the greedy Republicans of this state.

At least she can sleep at

At least she can sleep at night. I bet some of the cowardly Democratic legislators who abandoned her - and still ended up losing their elections - cannot say the same.

I hear that

It's one thing to vote against the grain of your party on bills or amendments. But a Veto override is a direct assault on what little remains of your own party's power structure. No justification or honor in that, even if they do plan to switch parties somewhere down the road.

I don't generally throw out words like "treason" to describe actions that don't fit the classical definition of, but, you know. Nothing else comes close to describing what they did.


She should have run again. She had "incumbent advantage". As It happens, turn-out was not up to 2008 levels and the Republicans mostly "swept", but had Wake county turned out better, that might have been enough to change the result.

Not looking forward to McCrory. He pretty much stated flat out in the debates he's anti-education and pro-drilling/fracking. A disaster for the state.

You could be right, but my

You could be right, but my feeling is she would have lost to McCrory. You could just tell this state was going to go full-on red. :( And if she'd have run and lost, then everyone would have blamed her for not giving someone else a chance to try and keep the governorship in Democratic hands.

There's always hope we haven't seen the last of her, though. Political comebacks certainly aren't unheard of, and she strikes me as someone who has the mettle and savvy to pull one off at some point in the future.

Perdue run again?

I think NC was pretty much assured of a Republican governor this time around.........even if one had not run. Perdue was lost when Marc left. It is just that simple.