GOP Assault on Democracy - an editorial

The following should appear in my local paper within a week:

GOP assault on democracy
The right to vote is the fundamental, defining principle of a democracy, yet Republicans have now shown that they have no respect for voting rights, and they really have no interest in this country being a democracy. An activist Republican Supreme Court has allowed elections to be bought courtesy of their Citizens United decision, but that was not enough. Now over 30 republican led state legislatures have tried to enact voter id laws that would take the vote away from hundreds of thousands of senior citizens, the poor, the young and even some veterans.

According to an investigation by the Bush administration, nine cases of voter id fraud occurred from 2000 – 2007. Out of millions of votes, nine cases of id fraud. Recently in Pennsylvania the state’s lawyers admitted in court that they could not produce a single example of voter id fraud ever occurring in PA. The whole voter id thing though, is just an excuse to deny the vote to segments of the population that tend to vote for democrats. The leader of the PA state legislature confirmed that when he said, upon passage of their voter id law, that “…we have just handed Pennsylvania’s electoral votes to Romney.”

In Ohio the Republican Sec. of State tried to limit early voting only in Democratic leaning areas. In some states even a veteran’s id card will not allow that veteran to vote. That is disgusting.

The Republican’s governor’s association is lying when they attempt to raise red flags about illegal aliens voting. That is utter nonsense. The last thing an undocumented foreigner would do is vote, and no evidence exists proving that they do.

The truth has rarely gotten in the way of Republican power grabs. It didn’t in 2000 in Florida, and it isn’t now with their push for voter id laws. To fix a problem that doesn’t exist they would deny the vote to hundreds of thousands of Americans. Republicans do not want elections to be about ideas; they want elections rigged, and, if that doesn’t work, they want them for sale.

Democrats want more people to vote. Democrats removed the property ownership requirement, enacted the Voting Rights Act and in NC passed the Motor Voter registration law. This year Republicans in NC couldn’t be bothered to find $600,000 dollars which would have brought in 4 times that amount in Help America Vote funds.

Republicans have no interest in helping Americans vote.

I would therefore, encourage all Americans who care about their democracy to have no interest in voting for republicans.

Thank you for reading,