GOP candidate defends himself from evil cell phone

When asked why he reacted violently at having his picture taken, House candidate Bob Steinburg explained:

"My people believe that when someone points one of those evil contraptions at you and the light flashes, they have captured your soul. And if you happen to die while your soul is still trapped in there, you will never be able to commune with your ancestors."

Okay, I made most of that up. What? It's a rainy day, and I'm bored senseless. Here's the real story:

Republican NC House District 1 candidate Bob Steinburg has been charged with assault after an altercation with his opponent’s campaign manager Thursday night in Hertford.

The incident happened following a candidate forum at which Steinburg appeared with his Democratic opponent, Bill Luton. The alleged victim of the assault is Luton campaign manager Russ Haddad.

Asked whether his response was appropriate, Steinburg said, “It was for me. I’m a man.”

They scraped the bottom of the barrel so hard they rubbed a hole in it.


"There is trouble in House district 1"

GOP candidate for the district 1 House seat is absolutely off his rocker! He first associates and lets convicted sex offender Harvey West, Jr. work for him, then he denies that he knows Harvey West. What a liar! Now he's talking crazy and picking a fight with Democrat candidate for House District 1 campaign manager. Steinburg should resign immediately. He's not fit for office.

Incidently, Steinburg who claims not to know Harvey West Jr. was at a fund raiser for his friend GOP candidate for Sec. of State Eddie Goodwin. They both where "all over" West according to what West is telling all over Plymouth and promise to help him get his record cleared.

Steinburg and Goodwin are both unfit for any office. They lack good judgement. Hope this latest incident finishes Steinburg off and Elaine Marshall can "take it to" Goodwin and finish him off too.

What a nonsense! If a person

What a nonsense! If a person has nothing to hide, he would never be afraid of a camera


It is difficult to take an

It is difficult to take an article with numerous grammatical errors seriously, much less one that opens with (self-admitted) completely falsified reporting.

You mean like, "I am not a

You mean like, "I am not a crook!"