GOP cuts to unemployment don't add up

And the jobless will pay a heavy toll for Republican's fuzzy math:

A proposal to cut unemployment benefits and to reduce the amount of time people can receive them is petty, hurtful and unnecessary...without the cuts, the federal government would require that employers pay higher unemployment taxes, which would rise by $21 per year, per employee, until the debt was paid off.

That's right, unemployed workers (and their families) will lose more each week than employers would have to pay for a whole year. Considerably more. If there ever was a bill that should be buried in committee, this is the one.



Here's my take: The NCGOP greeders in Raleigh get great pleasure out of saying "fuck you" to poor people, do-gooders and Democrats. Contacting them, in my view, only serves to feed their wet dreams.

Maybe it's time to move from lobbying to litigation. A raft of creative lawsuits, even if frivolous, may be a much more effective way to spend money than paying for guaranteed-to-be-ineffective lobbyists.

I admit..I apparently made a mistake by voting Republican!

I have always been fiscally conservative and socially progressive. I have to say that I am disgusted by the huge cuts to unemployment in NC. I was a displaced worker last year due to the Affordable Care Act (my field sent much of its work offshore, thus laying off thousands of medical language specialists and account managers for hospitals which were served by healthcare documentation companies. We could make it on my 500 something a week, just barely, to cover rent, bills, etc. Now, I fear if I get laid off again and have to take the huge cut, we will be homeless. I will not vote for the Republicans next time. I am thoroughly disgusted that the poor man is getting stuck again.

Thanks for sharing

There's going to be a lot of people (regardless of party affiliation) suffering if the Legislature passes this bill in its current form.


The post almost makes it seem that the depredations of the right wing GOP legislatures and Governor Pope are inadvertent. No, they are deliberate - businesses did not pay their unemployment insurance - in fact due to Democratic Party neglect and fears of the "bidiness" community. And the idiots in the legislature has apparently huddled with the Chamber of Commerce, the friends of labor, and decided to fix it NOW, at whatever expense and pain, for others. And, we will find members of ALEC as parties of the first part in this charade.



I am well aware

of the greed and lack of empathy that permeates most business organizations and the Republican Party, Bill. But I don't believe that all Republicans feel that way, just as I don't believe that all Democrats are filled with empathy and pureness of heart.

Just because Republicans have super-majorities, it doesn't mean we stop trying to demonstrate the wrongness of this or that policy proposal. The question is, will those R's who have problems with some of these bills vote their conscience, or will they roll over and play dead for their masters?

No question

Will they roll over and play dead for their masters?

These clowns are scared shitless of Governor Pope, who has the resources and will to insist in Libertarian purity in all elected R's. There is not a Republican in the General Assembly who has the backbone to stand against the Pope machine. Not one. Not ever.

Just ask Richard Morgan.

And if ever there were an issue that delights Libertarian extremists, it is the issue of making sure that poor moochers get nothing from government. Rich moochers who support Mr. Pope's agenda? Now that's a different story.