GOP jobs plan: "Work in my yard"

Updated based on a suggestion in the comments

Rep. Stephen LaRoque "helps" one of his 99er constituents:

"Most anyone can find a job if they can pass a drug test and are physically able to work," he wrote. "I have tried to find people to do yard work but it seems most are too good for manual labor. Based on the tone of your email it is not difficult to see why you can’t find a job."

This is only part of a shameful e-mail exchange LaRoque had with one of his constituents in reference to the unemployment benefits Republicans have tied to their draconian budget proposals. And desperate as she was, she took him up on his insulting offer:

"For your information sir, I can pass a drug test and am not opposed to manual labor," Treadway replied. "If your yard happens to be within 20 miles of Goldsboro, by all means I'll be over there with a rake and shovel first thing tomorrow morning."

"If you really meant that you would be willing to work in my yard, then plan to come tomorrow morning," LaRoque wrote. "I'll pay $8 per hour. Let me know if you are serious."

Which lasted for about an hour. I can only imagine what he put her through during that time, but this gives me an inkling:

"It was just too much. I'm not used to doing manual labor, and the crap he wanted me to do was something two men would do," she said after leaving.

Of course it was. If LaRoque isn't aware of how unethical it is to take advantage of a constituent's economic misfortune, he'd also be clueless about how to safely employ said person. And that's simply looking at it from a labor standpoint, and not factoring in political gamesmanship.



LaRoque is in a class by himself. Poor Kinston. They lurch from one dumbbell to another, with much of the lurching inspired by none other than Art Pope. Is Kinston Pope's private laboratory for discovering just how stupid North Carolina voters can be?

I know, LaRoque was never Art's guy. Still. They think a lot alike.


Kinston is Pope's private laboratory for discovering just how stupid North Carolina voters can be

Like a Petri dish for stupid?

More from Sarah

over at the Pulse:

Kathryn “Cinnamon” Treadway spoke to N.C. Policy Watch as well today, and said she only did an hour’s worth of work because LaRoque wanted her to haul away large tree limbs and other heavy manual labor that she didn’t think she could physically do on such a hot day.

“He did give me $8 for the hour I was there, and that covered the gas to get there and back,” she said. “It was embarrassing; I was embarrassed to go to this man’s house who was obviously wealthy. I was the valedictorian of my high school and here I am, sitting here picking weeds out of his yard for $8 an hour.”

If the GOP ever did have any sound ideas about improving our economy, they've totally lost it now, and are scraping the barrel.

Link over and read that email thread

Simply stunning.

And the GOP House leadership gave this guy Co-Chair of the Rules Committee?

First LaRoque can't manage to keep his mouth shut about the NAACP, and now this. And didn't he have some other unfortuate quote as the session began this year?

Why the GOP hasn't put a muzzle on the guy is beyond me.


Great suggestion

Nominated and elected.

Mine, too

It takes a fairly substantial ass-showing to wrest that hat away from the Stam-Tillis duo, but I believe Massa' LaRoque has achieved that standard.

Poor Kinston?

James, where are you getting your info? According to our local leaders Kinston is booming. We have the Global Transpark with those 100,000 jobs. Only about 350 jobs have actually been created but the other 99,000+ are really out just need rose colored glasses to see them. I know Kinston has been losing population for twenty or so years but our leaders tell us that is good. We are weeding out the population and leaving only real quality down here. LOL I really do resent Laroque bringing in a lady from Wayne County to do this work. We have plenty of unemployed around here without having to cross the county line for workers. Be sure and stop by on your way down to the beach. But please stop by within the next year or two..........or we may all be gone. The locals want to change the name of the town to the "Lost Colony."


You should go talk to Mr. LaRoque about the quality of the local workforce. According to his emails, he could not find anyone anywhere to clean up his yard for $8 an hour, and thus had to go out of the county to acquire a suitable slave worker to cater to the massa's whims.

All that said, here's a tip. With the new environmental rules coming out of Raleigh, Kinston should convert itself into a regional dump and waste water treatment plant. You can be sure all the crap being flushed in Wake County toilets will soon be winding its way downstream to a neighborhood near you.

Mr. LaRoque might feel right at home.

What exactly was LaRoque's job...

...before he went on Art Pope's payroll in Raleigh? Did I understand right he did some kind of "economic development" gig for something like $167K/year? Surely he wasn't suckling on the government teat, was he?


The measure of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. - FDR