GOP lawmakers looking for reasons to deny extended unemployment

Stern paternalists don't like their punishments interrupted:

“But if this is passed,” asked Sen. Bob Rucho, a Mecklenberg County Republican, “what would be the procedure, and what would be required of North Carolina?”

The proposal is far from a done deal in Washington. Should it get approval, it would be up to executive leaders in the state to set up the system to get these federal benefits paid out. State leaders say this could be cumbersome.

“Sometimes people confuse the words simple and easy,” said Dale Folwell, Assistant Sectary of Commerce. “They are not the same words.”

Okay, how about "deceptive" or "incompetent"? ESC/DES has already been administering these Federal UI benefits for years, and now you posturing buffoons are acting like this is some new thing. If DAG McCrory were anything but a figurehead Governor, he would ask Folwell, "What's so hard about restarting a program that ran smoothly before?"


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I'm still feeling my way around this medium, which I plan to use to a much greater extent this year. I tend to get a little wordy (no shit, Steve), partly because I've been so hemmed in by Twitter that my natural inclination to pontificate (or "opine", as a professorial acquaintance recently admonished) has been repressed by character limitations, and also because I hate leaving things unsaid. Anyway:

For those of you wondering why NC's unemployment benefits were cut so deeply, there's a simple explanation. Republicans in our General Assembly, whether on their own initiative or with prodding from national groups like ALEC or AFP, decided to use our state as an experiment. An experiment that other states could look at and say, "Hey! They did it in North Carolina so we can do it, too!"

So they cut our (state) benefits deeply, in both the amount of weekly checks and the length these smaller benefits would be paid, knowing this would also make us ineligible for Federal extension benefits. The only state in the country that would no longer receive such. In their minds, that would have us "leading the charge" or some such nonsense. In reality, it simply made our state the cruelest, and we lost hundreds of millions in economic activity and took food off the tables of families in the process.

So now Senator Hagan has added some wording to a bill which would reinstate those Federal extended benefits for North Carolina, money that is desperately needed to keep families from losing their homes, money that will not have to be "paid back" by our state, and Republicans are trying to come up with a reason to refuse this money. This is not money that will go to the government, this is money that will be paid directly to the unemployed. And they don't want the unemployed to get it, because it will screw up their "experiment" in punishing people unnecessarily.

I just wanted you to know what's about to happen, so you'll be able to if not understand it, at least get a glimpse of the insanity behind it.

Like I said. Wordy. Working on it.

Speaking of deceptive and incompetent:

DAG McCrory has lost all touch with reality:

"We had the ninth most generous unemployment compensation in the country," McCrory said. "We were having a lot of people move here, frankly, from other areas to get unemployment ... People were moving here because of our very generous benefits and then, of course, we had more debt. I personally think that more people got off unemployment and either got jobs or moved back to where they came from."

Bolding mine. This man is either insane or a lying sack of shit. Or both.