GOP leaders don't even trust their own people

Instead of letting them vote, Tillis pulls a fast one:

House Rule 62, in the back of the rule manual, gives lawmakers the ability to cite Mason's Manual of Legislative Procedure for matters not covered in the rule. Republican Rep. David Lewis invoked it and Tillis rushed a vote on it to prevent the House from considering Ross' amendment. Why the GOP needed to invoke this rule, as opposed to use its own to defeat the amendment, is unclear.

It's clear enough to me. Moving a few hundred thousand around in the Budget, in order to secure over $4 million in HAVA funds, makes way too much sense to allow people (even Republicans) to vote on it. The level of hubris with such a move is breathtaking.


LOL, You'll be glad they did

LOL, You'll be glad they did this when it comes time to give Wally Dalton a proper inaugural. ;) Anyway, it all balances out, although the Pubbies blew a chance to be the "bigger man"...Bev Perdue used to do the same thing when then-minority GOP Senators would try to advance anything, back in the days of her presiding over that "august" body . As for HAVA....we take too many handouts from the Central government anyway, which is one reason why we're always in a budget jam when the Fed dough runs out.

Voting is not just a "state" issue

Those same voting booths decide who is going to the (US) House, the Senate, and the White House. Ergo, using "central government" money is not so inappropriate, especially if it is used to make the voting process more accurate and inclusive.

As far as the inauguration (of either Dalton or McCrory), I hate all that pomp & circumstance crap. That money would be wasted, as far as I'm concerned. The only reason I got married in a church (as opposed to climbing out a window) was because a) my family loves to see me sweat, so they made sure there was no opportunity, and b) there was a slight chance that it might be the straw that broke Steve's back, as far as God was concerned. But it was still a major hassle.

I was only kidding...

...about the inaugural....neither party lately puts up anyone honorable to deserve all the pomp and circumstance, but the bottom line is that its still a waste of $$. Criminally so in these hard times when taxpayers are struggling.