GOP members skip Wake School Board meeting

Avoiding questions about General Tater's crazy new assignment plan:

Board members and families both had been taken by surprise by the release on Sept. 21 of an address lookup on the Internet that showed thousands of students being reassigned. On Saturday, Hill and others had pointed questions about features of the proposed new plan, such as an open-enrollment period during which families could apply to any school in the system. That provision could become a problem when families able to drive their children to school fill certain schools to the point of being capped, members said.

It's no wonder Republicans didn't want to show up. Untangling the mess they made would take some serious work, when what they really want to do is get another job they're not qualified to do:

Republicans reached Saturday said there was no coordinated effort to skip the meeting and attributed their absences to other commitments.

“I’m disappointed to have missed the discussion on assignment, but I’m really disappointed to have missed Dr. Gainey’s swearing in,” said Republican member Debra Goldman, who was campaigning Saturday as the Republican candidate for state auditor.

Shouldn't that be the other way around? I'm sure Dr. Gainey would have appreciated your support, but since he's stepping into a big pile of poop with this assignment plan free-for-all, your help on that would have been much more important.

Unless I've misread some recent Tweets, Wake is already struggling with bus routes. What do you think will happen when the dust is settled at the end of the car-driving-parents' NASCAR race, and the buses are left to pick up the remaining kids and transport them to the schools that still have seats?

And as to this:

Republican members Deborah Prickett, John Tedesco and Chris Malone cited other commitments when giving advance notice of the absences, a school system spokeswoman said.

Tedesco, Goldman and Malone are running for public office.

Tea-Party Tedesco wants us to believe he would make a good State Superintendent of Schools, but he ducks out of a meeting like this? Maybe we should change his nickname to "No-Show Tedesco". I don't think he'd be so proud of that one.



Typical Tedesco. All mouth and no substance.