GOP redistricting targeting pro-environment legislators

Stifling the voices of truth:

The North Carolina League of Conservation Voters sees more than a dozen instances in which two conservation-friendly lawmakers would be drawn into the same legislative district. Dan Crawford, director of governmental relations with the League, says that means at least one of them would not be returning in the next election year.

Makes perfect sense. When you're determined to do something that you know is wrong, and that would piss off most of your constituents if they truly understood what you're doing, the safest thing to do is get rid of those who would debate you.

"These bills that are passing have implications statewide, and somebody needs to be there to be the backstop and let folks know what they're doing and how it's going to harm our natural resources."

Unfortunately, the percentage of people that actually want to hear about that harm is a lot smaller than it should be.


I think everybody (almost) wants a clean environment

People from both parties care when you frame the issue in terms of the health of their children and grand children. Who wouldn't?

I think part of the problem is that politicians are afraid of running with it as an issue. If they were brave I think it could be a winning issue.

There's no money in it

Top-dollar contributors like the hometicks (realtors) and banksters don't look too kindly on environmentalists, because they tend to gum up the works of their business projects. That's why grassroots fundraising is so important, so those $4,000 checks from the hometicks won't seem so critical to a campaign.

As a matter of fact, since there are probably at least a few wealthy progressives reading this: Why not make a pledge to yourself, that instead of donating to those Dems who get fat checks from the NCAR and vote against the environment, you'll write a fat check for those Dems who are trying to help conserve and preserve our state? And when the old guard asks you why you did that, tell 'em.