GOP Rep. Stephen LaRoque indicted on eight counts by federal grand jury

GOP Rep. Stephen LaRoque has been indicted by a federal grand jury on eight counts of taking federal money from his economic development company and using for personal expenses.


Misuses cited incl. LaRoque purchases of car, rental house, skating rink, zamboni (wow), faberge eggs (double wow), jewelry...

Indictment can be found posted here.

[update 1] Greg Flynn links to an FBI press release on Twitter. This was a joint investigation.


Faberge eggs over easy

What is poor Kinston going to do now? They'll have to run an ad in the Kleptocrat Monthly to fill those wing-tips.

Lot of good folks in Kinston

The only reason I rag on them is because they (or some of them, anyway) seem to be overly protective of their resident Huguenot. I'm surprised there isn't a statue...

Reading the indictment...72 pages...

I'd say he's looking at some serious jail time.

Stan Bozarth

You got that right

Could be up to eighty years. When you have entities like this sniffing your trail:

The case involves a joint investigation by the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation Division, the United States Department of Agriculture, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation.

your days of freedom are numbered.


And Tillis

Don't forget who covered for the scumbag early on in this scandal. None other than Thom "Divide and Conquer" Tillis. They're all fucking criminals.

we found ourselves referring

we found ourselves referring to him as Thomfoolery due to how they manufactured the annexation bill to insert into another bill after the file date had already past.


yes, we referred to Tillis as Thomfoolery due to the fancy footwork behind the scenes with the 'protest petition/annexation' bill being inserted into another bill of Laroque's after the date for filing bills had passed already!

GOP is in trouble!

Laroque is finally caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Now, the GOP is at it again. This time the Third Congressional District Republican Party has elected a convicted sex offender to be an alternate to the National Republican Convention in Tampa this summer. The party of morals and law and order doesn't seem to have any morals or law and order left. Go to the N.C. Sexual Register and look up Harvey L. West, Jr. You'll find that he served a little over six years for having sex with several young girls. Now, he's lying about his conviction and trying to become an "insider" in the state GOP. Robin Hayes needs to answer why he's allowing West to serve in any official capacity within the GOP. Also, remember Walter Jones is their congressman; George Cleveland who is right of Attila the Hun is a state legislator and leader in the third district as is Sen. Harry Brown. These leaders have a lot of questions to answer to the families of those young girls that he molested.

West is also active in the Bob Steinburg for State House Campaign according to a picture of West and Steinburg together in Steinburg's home the night of the first primary on the front page of the Chowan Herald and Daily Advance of Elizabeth City and the campaign of Eddie Goodwin for Sec. of State. These two candidates should be held accountable and let the voters know why they have chosen to associate with a known sexual offender.

They're not in trouble

It cannot go unnoticed that Republicans can get away with murder. Affairs. Bribery. Going AWOL. Serial adultery. Homohypocrisy. It's all good.

In fact, it's better than good, because every transgression is automatically forgiven because it always comes along with finding Jesus. Republicans own Jesus. Jesus is their bitch, co-opted to justify everything and anything they want. Sterilizing the poor. Usury. Racial discrimination. Plural marriage. Unending war. Sarah Palin. South Carolina. Paul Stam. Civitas. The devil made them do it, but praise Jesus, it's in the past.

The list of Republican insults to Christ goes to the depth of depravity. But hey. God forgives them. God wants them to be rich.


It's all good.

Judgement is coming!

One can not go on lying, cheating and such without judgement falling on them. Laroque and others like Harvey West Jr. are not fit to be in politics. They are dangerous men and can not handle the power that goes with it. I believe in forgiveness and reconciliation but first must come acknowledgement of wrong doing and then the asking for forgiveness. These two men have not done what is required. The GOP is sending a sex offender who committed his crimes and acts against three young girls under the age of 15 while he was a policeman! If the GOP is serious about governing in righteousness and truth they can not have the likes of Laroque and West in their power structure. Any one who would want West in their campaign has a weakness of character as well. West of course is hoping that he will climb so high in the GOP power house that he'll get a full pardon and record cleared. That should never happen because the crime he committed is so evil and it damaged forever three young girls. I hope Elaine Marshall takes it to Ed Goodwin and the Dem House Campaign committee takes it to Bob Steinburg! These two office seekers should not prevail for their lack of judgement and character! Laroque should be sent to prison! West of all things is weaving a story that only a fool would believe about Democrats lying about him and having him convicted when he was innocent. The Dems wanted to get him out of politics. That is such a pitiful joke but some fools will believe anything. What they should do is read the court records. West plead guilty to all charges and threw himself on the mercy of the court. Now he's singing a new song. His father is so "messed up" that he believes every thing his sons says.