GOP & Right Winged Organizations Promoting Violence & Spreading Lies

I just saw last nights Rachel Maddow show. She had a guy on her show that used to be a Right Wing Republican until he realized how wrong they were. I think he was C. Everett Koops (sp?) son. He wrote a book about his experiences as a Right Wing Republican. He spoke about what is happening now with Health Care Reform Town Halls and how the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Right Winged Organizations such as AFP are promoting violence against public officals and Democrats and how there is a subtext to the lies that could easily lead to a right winged fanatic killing someone. That is my fear, what will happen if some lunatic actually does commit a violent act towards a Democrat and public official.

Palin came out yesterday and said that President Obama will have a "death squad" in which she will have to take her son to so they can decide if he deserves to live or die. Limbaugh is calling the President a nazi and encouraging people to compare him to Hitler. He is also encouraging acts of violence. Beck actually did a mock up of poisoning Nancy Pelosi and joked about it. The Right Winged Republicans have carried their fear mongering hatred too far. Between the lies and the signs and the promotion of violence, hatred, and disruption of our Democratic process these people fail to see what they are doing is wrong. They should be labeled as terrorists and charged with inciting to riot, promoting violence against a public official, and anything else that may be applicable. Every time I read an article or hear a story about the lies and what they are doing it just makes me shake my head and wonder how and why they could possibly believe the garbage and act that way.

Is this what our nation has come to, spreading lies and promoting violence out of fear and hatred? I truly feel sorry for those that fall for the lies and allow their actions to be controlled by the rich and powerful instead of thinking for themselves. But those in power, whether it be the GOP that spread the lies and promote violence or the Corporate CEO's bankrolling it, or the organizations that are being created and used by both, I have no pity for them and feel that they need to be held accountable for what they have done.

The only possible solution that may have any hope in stopping the lies and the violence that I can think of is if the President gets personally involved. If the President brings in Limbaugh, Beck, the GOP heads that have been lying and promoting violence, the CEO's of these right winged organizations, and then bring in our side of it to the White House and have it out with them right there. If he could just talk to them and get them to listen to the truth and then tell them that it either stops right now or they would be charged with crimes such as threatening a public official and whatever else that could possibly be applied. I don't know if it would make a difference and if they would listen, they may just continue to allow their hatred and fear to interfere with their common sense. Either way, something has to be done before someone gets seriously hurt.

It's not that I am against free speech or all Republicans. But what they are doing is not free speech because it interferes with others being able to speak and participate and it invokes fear and promotes violence. I will be attending whatever meetings and Town Halls that I can in the Triangle area, even knowing that there is a chance that it could be violent because I believe in showing support for Health Care Reform. I will exercise my right to free speech and I hope that no one tries anything against me or my family. It just isn't right that they should be permitted to interfere with others rights and promote violence. I don't see why we can't just have a civil discussion without lying about the facts, spreading fear, and promoting violence.


Moosealini Strikes Again

I want to personally thank Obama for letting my grandmother live another day. (Thank God I voted for him - I heard that helps).

Lying in the name of God is gonna get these so-called evangelicals in trouble in the afterlife.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Lying in the name of God is

Lying in the name of God is gonna get these so-called evangelicals in trouble in the afterlife./blockquote>

God can deal with them in the afterlife; I have to deal with them now.

They're trying to take away my opportunity to purchase health insurance at a reasonable rate, and that's really starting to tick me off. They are threatening violence at political rallies, and that's starting to tick me off. They are disrupting actual discourse, and that's starting to tick me off.

Good Grief. I don't want to be ticked off. I just want health care that I can afford and can access.

I hear you loud and clear Linda

I was mostly just snarking on the complete hypocrisy of the people like Palin that wear God on their sleeve and lie like a MF'er about most everything, most all the time.

We have to win this battle and this war. We are not going to get another chance soon. I know the ignorant and the just plain Obama haters don't want this, but that has to do with either the fact that they have been lied to effectively or they just cannot get over the face that there is a black man in their White House.

We aren't fighting for just ourselves and our families. We are fighting for ALL Americans and their families. Even those that are too ignorant of the situation or too bigoted to know what is best for them. Yes, even those that "Got theirs" and don't want us to have anything.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Take it seriously

Just read an excellent article that talks about how the birthers and teabaggers are firmly in the 3rd stage of the 5 stages of fascism.

Is the US on the Brink of Fascism?

The article really does spell things out. If the wingnuts look silly, look again. I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand just what kind of trouble they really represent.

I can't wait for the follow up article.

Frighteningly Disturbing & Very True

Thank you for sharing the article, I just read it and the entire time kept saying to myself that I am glad I'm not the only one seeing it. I try to be careful of how I write and speak just because I don't want to sound like a paranoid person. I have been hoping for the last 8 1/2 yrs that I was wrong but I saw the writing on the wall, so to speak, of what was happening and just kept praying that we would find a man great enough and strong enough to win the election and take back the country from the brink of complete disaster. We have been fortunate to find, and elect, President Obama and a few of our other elected officials. But the fight didn't stop there because the Republicans and their corporate allies don't want to lose power and would rather maintain their status quo.

For a party that "stands for family values", they have no clue what those values really should be. For a party that declares itself to be "chosen by God" or "true Christians", they have failed to learn the most important lessons from the Bible. Lessons that represent family values and Christianity such as "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", "love thy neighbor", "thou shalt not kill", and the many lessons about greed, corruption, forgiveness, love, and worshiping of false idols. They have picked through those lessons and twisted them to suit their purposes of ultimate power and greed. When their supporters and spokespeople stand up and say that they don't care about anyone else's health care but their own, when they approve and participate in invasion of a country and kill in the name of God and country, when they promote violence against their neighbors, and when they spread lies and fear mongering tactics to control others then they have become a party that has forgotten family values and what God would have wanted according to His teachings.

The Author of the article that you linked to is incredibly accurate. I have been afraid of saying that I believe that we are on the precipice of seeing a "new world order" such as the German-American Bund (the American part of the Nazi Party) when Hitler was first gathering power come into being open and visibly present in our country again, simply because I don't want to sound paranoid. But the writing is on the wall, we need to open our eyes and see that they are acting just like the brownshirts did under the German-American Bund and they pose a very real danger to our Democracy and our future.

We have to win the fight for Health Care Reform to include a National Public Health Plan. By doing so, it will not only help every citizen but it will help save our countries future and it will show those who are misguided followers of the previous administration that the Democratic way is the right way to do things. Hopefully, we can put the evil genie back in the bottle.