GOP Secretary of State candidates prove their incompetence

Trying to take over a job they don't understand:

Ed Goodwin, a Chowan County commissioner, recently told a voter forum that Soros, a billionaire financier who donates prolifically to liberal causes, is trying to elect Democrats to the post so he can exert control on the state's elections. "We have to be very careful of that," he said.

That might be a problem if the Secretary of State actually had anything to do with elections. What do these idiots do, throw a dart at a dartboard with various government functions on them? "Ooh, I get to be the Parks and Recreation Director! I better go buy some cargo shorts and some of that white stuff to smear on my nose!"



Art Pope is trying to elect dumbass Republicans so he can exert control over ... um ... something ... whatever.


It doesn't say much

for the audience, either. It's hard to believe nobody who heard that (except reporters) was scratching his/her head trying to figure out why elections were brought up.

I can only assume some did, but sat their with their mouths shut. Might as well not even get involved in politics if you're going to let something like that pass.