Got resolutions?


Get more involved

In both society and politics. I need to get out more. I never seem to have the time to do squat these days, but I think that's more in my head than an actual time thingie. I need to give at least some of that time to the NCDP. But I ain't makin' no phone calls. The telephone is evil, and should be outlawed.

I also need to focus a little harder on the "find a woman" front. I haven't been on a legitimate date in...I think it was...I'll have to get back to you. ;/

To hold...

...some feet to the fire.

From TogetherNC:

Here's a resolution worth making:

To kick off 2013, and to prepare for the coming debate over how to reform our tax system, we at Together NC are proposing that our newly elected legislators make the new year one in which we start to REBUILD NC and stop tearing down, underfunding, and underserving the critical public investments that have helped our state make such great advances in recent decades.

In 2013, I resolve to do everything I can to stop harmful tax reform proposals that only benefit the wealthiest
few while shifting the load to middle and low-income families. I resolve to help guide lawmakers toward
policies that will help REBUILD NC - not continue the slow and steady demolition of our most valuable
public investments.

With the GOP's overwhelming majorities in the NCGA and the stark evidence of corporate influence guiding the leadership of such, the goals in this resolution may seem impossible.

But these things must be opposed, nonetheless.

Over the Cliff

This is the year when I do something I have been contemplating for some time now. This is the year that I leave the Democratic party. This is the year when I stop believing that I stop voting party and start voting conscience. This is the year when I stop believing in "the long game" and "the lesser of two evils." This is the year when I stop.

I am a liberal. I am a progressive. I believe in peace and civil rights for all. I believe in health care as a human right. I believe that rehabilitation is more effective than incarceration. I believe that we should concern ourselves more with the welfare of the least among us rather than bickering about tax rates. I believe that education is a human right.

These beliefs are no longer negotiable to me, even as the Democratic party seems to view them as bargaining chips. I'm sick to death for apologizing for drone attacks and calling people with incomes over $250,000 a year middle class. I'm sick of hungry people being hungry and dead people being dead while we talk about 800 billions and trillions and the debt ceiling and fiscal cliffs.

What am I going to do about it? That's going to require some work on my part. But I'm not playing this tired bullshit anymore. I will support liberal candidates exclusively. I will support liberal third-parties like the Greens. What I will not do this year is One. Damn. Thing. for the Democratic party.

Like I said, this is been a long time coming for me. And for you guys who stick with it, no judgments. I do look forward to getting more active here as BlueNC is a progressive force. I just hope you guys will accept my decision as well.

Darren Staley

I've been called a sell out for saying this but....

Good luck Darren on trying to get anything done in NC as an unaffliated voter. I was unaffliated and a member of the Green Party for 19 years, eventially becoming a national Co-Chair of the party (Dem '82-'86, Una '86-'05, Dem '05-Present). I tried for years to get others in the Green movement to do something other than talk about problems or march in somebody elses protest but very rarely would anyone ever step up. And when we did manage to get together to sponsor an event, very few people ever showed up. I also tried for years to get Greens to run for office in NC, there are thousands of non partisan offices in our state that a Green could file for without petioning but only two of us did and I was the only one who won. I finally came to the realization that I could stand outside and scream at a closed door or I could be inside and have someone listen to me. Am I pleased with everything that the elected officials of the Democratic Party support? No, not by a long shot but there is a lot I do agree with and until NC changes it's ballot access laws, this is the best game in town.

Even with ballot access, the Libertarian Party hasn't made a dent in the duopoly of our state. The Greens have never come close to getting ballot access and in my opinion never will because they simply don't have the manpower and money this requires.

I know in theory our politicians are supposed to listen to everyone but in practice, this rarely happens. Good luck on your quest. I have been called a sell out by people across this country for stating my beliefs on this issue but I can tell you from first hand experience, the grass is not greener on the other side.

More lesser evilism

Can you really write...

Good luck Darren on trying to get anything done in NC as an unaffliated voter.

And not realize that you should be saying, Good luck ANYBODY on trying to get anything done in NC as a DEMOCRATIC voter

The NCDP kept dealing away half a loaf for so many years that they've got virtually nothing now -- and rightly so.

To Darren: Good for you. If no one takes the first step, then no one will ever follow.


I Get What You're Saying

I have made this exact same argument right here at BlueNC. I was always the "let's come together" guy and the "support electable Democrats at all costs guy." At the time, I meant what I said. But I was wrong.

I'm not saying I won't ever vote for a Democrat. I'm certain I will in most cases (with the caveat that I would never vote for a Republican). But I just can't in good conscience continue to ally myself with the party.

I will also applaud people like James who are doing there best to reform from within. But my zeal for that, personally, has been sucked out.

You are not a sellout, Gray, nor should you feel like one. You are taking the path you think best. I have a different path in mind.

Look at the Republicans. They are scared to death about primary challenges from the right. Yet how many Democrats even give a thought to primary challenges from the left?

And I am not just talking about a third party, although I did mention Greens and do not dismiss it. More than money a third party needs organization. Boots on the ground, in each county and in each precinct.

But more than that, give me an actual liberal Democrat, and they have my support as well. No more Kissells. No more Shulers. Might as well have a Republican as far as I'm concerned at this point.

Time to shift the Overton Window. From outside the party or from inside the party. I've tried the inside for almost a decade. Now, I'm moving on, but also support those who are moving in.

Ye olde pendulum

I've been in and out of the Democratic Party so many times in recent years that I can barely keep track of my status. Recently, however, I returned to the fold ... with a single, focused mission: To raise holy hell.

Now that I am a Democrat again, I can say with confidence and certainty that my party here in North Carolina is one fucked up organization, badly in need of resetting, rebooting, and reforming. Creative destruction is the order of the day.

That's why I call myself an "independent Democrat" - to underscore my disdain for corporatists and blue dogs.

When I blur my eyes, I see the beginnings of a path forward. It involves multiple assaults on multiple fronts:

  • Hardcore environmental conservatism, in alliance with green Christians and eco-terrorists alike.
  • Extreme Libertarianism on social issues, including marriage equality, the war on drugs, gambling, etc. It's time to end the nanny state when it comes to personal choices and freedom.
  • Elimination of corporate personhood, corporate taxes, "too big to fail"
  • Elimination of the limited liability corporation
  • An end to corporate subsidies, including subsidies to private schools and private colleges.
  • More local government control.

If you build it

I will come.

My question is...

when we build the giant papier mache head to carry on a pike, with the little co-joined companion stuck to its side, which will be the Giant head and which will be the baby? Pope et McCrory ou McCrory et Pope?

I really want to do this so we can carry it down Jones Street at appropriate intervals. Anyone who would like to help is welcome and the sooner the better.


How apoperiate.

Reminds me of this...

Actually the more I think of it, a two faced puppet would be most appropriate.