Government bullying: Defund community college for Op-ed comments

Tyrants come in all shapes and sizes:

County Commissioners' Chairman Nick Picerno said Thursday night the county should take a look at its funding for Sandhills Community College in light of comments by its president that he will not enforce the state's new transgender bathroom law. That came in response to comments made by a Whispering Pines woman during the public comment period at the beginning of the meeting.

"I think the lady had a good argument," Picerno said. "Maybe we should review Sandhills Community College's funding for this year until they learn to obey the law. I agree with that 100 percent."

"The lady" is not only an anti-everything nut-job, she's also on the Planning and Zoning Board and heavily involved in local GOP politics. Calling her "the lady" is nothing more than a lame-ass attempt to cast her as merely a concerned citizen instead of a political hack. She's also the organizer of the anti-Islam "lecture" at Pinehurst resort:

The issue was touched off Tuesday night when Mary Ann Manning criticized Dempsey for his stand on the bathroom law. She also accused him trying to prevent Moore Republican Women from holding a program Sunday on Islam at Pinehurst Resort.

"I find his behavior completely unacceptable," Manning said in prepared remarks. "Taxpayers like me fund his salary of nearly $200,000 a year as well as benefits. We're not paying him to be a community activist. His status as college president does not entitle him to speak for me or any other taxpayer who bankrolls his position.

"He is not entitled to use his position to further his personal beliefs. His job is to educate the students at Sandhills. He is supposed to enforce the laws. He might disagree with them but he should enforce them."

One of the big problems in rural communities and small towns is the emergence of radical demagogues like this. You either agree with them or face political suicide, because they can easily sway the small concentration of voters who show up for odd-year municipal elections. Things that need to be done don't get done, and unnecessary and often unconstitutional acts of discrimination and government oppression are legislated into existence. And that's why we *all* need to get more involved in local government. It may not be sexy, but it is critical.



We have one of those in this county

I have developed a visceral dislike of the person and stay as far away as possible. They are always saying they read something on the internet but never giving the site address. I dread interacting with them.

Ugh. It's almost not even worth

confronting somebody like that, especially if you're trying to get some things done yourself with local government.

We've got a local retired guy (engineer) who is heavily involved in town committees and such. And he's actually pretty progressive, supporting programs and projects that need to be done. But he's also one of those who must dominate every conversation, and a pathological contrarian. If you have an idea (no matter how good), he has to poke holes in it. Or change it around to become *his* idea.

Unfortunately, I am also an Alpha personality, so we tend to circle each other like male lions... :)

She should be thanked for her

She should be thanked for her comments, and then nothing. Just smile and move on with the business at hand. The same for the commissioner. People like this get their power from the reaction. When they don't get the reaction they anticipate they lose their mojo.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Very true

What this particular Commissioner fails to realize: The voters didn't choose her, they chose him. Kiss her butt one too many times, and those voters might just get tired of it.