Governor Art Pope writes a whiny letter to the N&O


My comment on the letter

This from a man whose multimillion dollar opinion manufacturing machine is routinely featured in the News and Observer and scores of other North Carolina newspapers?

Too funny!

More to the point, this debate has nothing to do with Mr. Pope's unremarkable stint as a former legislator. He has long since traded up to the Koch leagues, where buying and selling elected offices is the only name of the game. The end of public financing simply means he can continue to acquire judicial and legislative seats without restraint.

The show must go on.

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Lol! I don't know if it will

still be there after reloading the page, but there's an anti-Hagan ad paid for by Americans For the Prosperous on the same page as Pope's "Stop picking on me!" editorial.

The Intertubes can be very ironic at times...