Governor McEnergy gets excited, blows a transformer

"Finally! Something I'm slightly less unqualified to talk about."

McCrory said exploration is part of a two-pronged approach to make the energy industry a sector that will help North Carolina come roaring out of the recession. The other, he said, is promoting power generation. Charlotte-based Duke Energy Corp. is the nation's largest electric power company. McCrory, who previously worked for Duke, said the state needs to look at tax policies that promote power generation.

The governor on Wednesday praised a law passed in 2013 laying out the regulatory framework for building wind farms to create energy. McCrory also said he wants to examine next year the balance between what he called subsidies received to produce renewable energy and the rates charged to consumers.

And when you do, what you'll see is the cost of renewable energy is a tiny fraction of what ratepayers are forced to pay your former(?) employer, compared to CWIP (Construction Work In Progress) and the recent merger fiasco. And when Duke Energy is finally forced to clean up coal ash ponds, they're going to (try to) charge us for that mistake, as well. But with Art Pope pulling your strings, I'm sure none of that will come up.


McCrory Machine

You know, the more I think about McCrony, the more he really comes off like Mitt Romney - an automaton with no programming on how actual human beings think and behave.

Perhaps he came out of the Duke Energy research lab.

Duke McEnergy

McCrory doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. Duke Energy gave him a save haven where he could parlay gross incompetence into political connections ... without having to actually do anything of value or significance. He doesn't understand business, he doesn't understand people, and he doesn't understand what it means to actually work for a living. He's nothing but a cliche, a trivial little sound bite. If he came out of a lab, the lab should be shut down.

Even his sound bites bite

I listened to a podcast (can't find it now) from an Outer Banks talk radio station about the Bonner Bridge closing, and McCrory's cell phone kept going out. Which was probably fortunate, because he started having his usual problem with words about halfway through. It's become almost painful to listen to him anymore.

Did it sound like this?

"My proud of Aldona Wos...steppin' on toes! ... They are so qualified for those jobs! ... Those were good cookies, and they would have loved them ... Obama's fault ... I inherited a real mess ... Bev's fault .. the media, the gosh-darned media ... steppin' on toes! ... they're out to get me ... so proud of Sharon Decker! ... every single thing we've done is right, the media just reports it wrong ... so proud of Kieran Shanahan! [what? oh!] SCRATCH THAT! ... steppin' on toes! y'all! [was that right?] ... Did I say 'steppin on toes' yet?"

"What? Oh, the bridge? Everything's fine ... so proud of Tony Tater ... Bev's fault, but we're fixin' that problem ... my administration ... steppin' on toes! ... it's all great ... now that I've fixed the bridge, let's move on, OK?"

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014