A great tool for anyone to use to get out the early vote that remains:

Early Voting has begun in North Carolina – and that means every day is election day! That's why we’ve launched a new online tool that connects you with your Facebook friends who have not voted yet – and then helps you call them to ask them to vote early. You can also use it to call people you do not know who are progressive voters. Anyone can use this tool and it's free -- so if you've been working on your own or with others to get out the vote, feel free to use it and invite others to do the same. More after the jump, including the URL.

It’s simple – log in to the site (http://social.americavotesnc.org/gotv) with your Facebook account and match your Facebook friends to the voter file. After you match them, we’ll tell you which of your friends have not voted yet. We’ll give you a script and contact information, and you can call them and encourage them to vote early. It’s that easy. The same tool also lets you call other voters across North Carolina and encourage them to early vote – even if you aren’t Facebook friends with them.

North Carolina’s elections will be incredibly close this year, from the statewide level all the way down to the local level. Every vote will count, and your efforts to get out the vote will make a difference.

Start using this tool here:



Early voting page name change

If you have been to the NC elections board website to locate your early voting location , you're in for a difficult time . Early voting page has been changed to "One Stop Absentee Voting". WTF! This makes no sense except to cause confusion.There is no ABSENT in early voting plus if you use their search engine to find the early voting page it comes up "no hits". Another WTF!

I mentioned this in another thread

Early voting ballots are classified as "Absentee", probably because most of the voters are casting their votes outside their assigned precinct.

That said, it is confusing.