Hagan Votes for Budget after Helping Walk Back Non-Stimulative Spending

Senator Kay Hagan did not play follow the leader. She worked with the loose coalition of moderate Democrats to suggest some common sense changes to the President's budget and then voted for its passage. Senator Evan Bayh voted with the Republicans. So much for his power grab.

When running for election this year, Hagan promised to be fiscally responsible - to make sound, common sense decisions with our money. She's following through on that promise. She has said repeatedly that she opposes deficit spending, so in approaching this budget, it appears she did what she could to make sure any deficit spending served to bring jobs and stimulate the economy.

It also shows that Hagan believes in give and take. She's flexible. She'll fight for what she believes is right, but in the end she's not above compromising.

Promises made, promises kept and it appears some of us were just ranting into the ether for no reason a'tall.

Back on March 25th there was a conference call press op with Director of OMB (Office of Management and Budget) Peter Orszag where he told us that the differences between the House, Senate and White House budgets was not that great and the core of the President's budget was protected in both the House and Senate versions.

And on the budget, I guess what I would say is, again, everyone is -- you know, you all are looking for small differences between what the President sent up and what the House and Senate are considering -- 98 percent the same, and in the four key areas that the President identified, exactly and fully in line.

So, yes, there are some differences, but I think the big story is how similar these two things are rather than the small adjustments that were inevitable. It was never going to be the case -- I mean, I think setting an expectation that they were just going to, you know, take the PDF and retype it and then vote on that was never going -- never going to be -- never going to happen. That's not the way we've set up our system of governing. And so it's not surprising that there are some adjustments that are made, but we're very pleased that the main thrust and bulk of these resolutions are in line with the President's priorities.

Exactly. The President wasn't stupid. He knew there would be give and take.

Now, if the House and Senate can play well together in conference, I think we'll have a budget that most reasonable people will be happy with.


so far, so good

It appears the working group is exactly what they said it was - a loose coalition. No obstruction there. Nothing to see. We can move along.

Next issue. Bankruptcy bill.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Good news.


I'm more upbeat today regarding Senator Hagan

I just posted a blog entry here on BlueNC discussing how Kay did not vote along with the conservadems on the silly Estate Tax amendment that unfortunately passed with the votes from 10 Democratic Senators. Not including Kay!!!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

That would be our Mike...

A true DINO....

when are we going to find a way to dump his happy-self-lubricating-self?

Stan Bozarth

When we find another Dem

as conservative as he is to run in that district. Districts too conservative for any old Dem to win. Stinks.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.