Hagan's not-so-Freudian slip

Of all the people I regret supporting in recent years, Kay Hagan tops the list. In an interview yesterday with Mark Binker on her efforts to destroy the internet, the Senator revealed the full extent of her corporatist agenda.

Hagan: Now that a lot of these industries have said, "Whoa, we don’t like this bill," we certainly need to look at that and address those issues.


The truth is, our Senator couldn't care less about the millions of individual citizens who have been saying the same goddamn thing. In Kay's world, it really is just about "a lot of these industries."

Typical Kay.


Hat tip to Ed Cone

for calling this to our attention. It's hard to say who's worse on this issue ... Watt or Hagan. Neither seems to give a shit about the people they work for ... unless you happen to think the people they work for are Hollywood film studios.

Better than Dole, but....

I was thrilled when Kay Hagan defeated Elizabeth Dole, and for the most part I have been happy with Senator Hagan. However, there have been a few bills where her stance was just plain wrong - one having to do with banking, and SOPA/PIPA are two of them. After the banking fiasco, I told her that, though she would get my vote over any GOP challenger, it will be a cold day in hell before I donate to her campaign again.

I hope she gets a strong progressive challenge in the primaries. I wonder if that gentleman who lost the last Dem Senate primary is available?

Would appreciate it if an

Would appreciate it if an organization that establishes itself and receives funding to advance policies for North Carolinians to stop using foul language. It is tacky and outright disrespectful to your funders and the state. Surprised that you have not been blocked by many outlets by now with your continuous use of profanity. Disgraceful.

What more do you want?

We've pretty much stopped using the f-word, which was actually a very handy and versatile word (noun, verb, adjective). There are some places where you just can't find a proper substitute (like this comment I'm writing, for instance).

To hell with your lies

Is that better?

"Receives funding"? You clearly don't know what BlueNC is (or is not) or just plain what you're talking about.

Take a look a the bottom of the second rail from the right.

That contrived-civility-as-a-silencing-technique ain't gonna work here.

Begone. Before someone drops a house on your ignorant ass.


Does that outburst make you feel better?

If it does, I wonder about your character. Your profanity does nothing for bolstering your positions, it just reflects poorly on yourself. Civility is never contrived, it what civilized people do.

It was most certainly contrived

That's why the author alluded to funding and censoring more than once instead of just asking for more "civility."

This is the second time recently someone has come on here trying to cast a chill on the speech expressed. I railed against that. I'll rail against this.



freedom to come, freedom to go
freedom of speech, freedom of expression...

for the most part I kinda like a little swearin'. makes things a little more colorful.

but remember opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.
oops I swore

You also have the freedom..

to sh-t in your own mess kit too but normally that isn't done in mixed company. It would also be colorful.

If I donate to BlueNC, can I

If I donate to BlueNC, can I swear?


You can swear anytime you want! No donation required.

: )

I only supported Hagan after the primary.

I don't particularly like her brand of bland - but mostly I'm glad to have a (D) from NC in the Senate. I think she's woefully uninformed, or worse - woefully in the wrong - on this one. I'd like to see her primaried, just because I'd like to see her defend her stance on this and other issues.

one thing I hate

I hate having to hold my nose when voting.
Can we PLEASE have some progressive candidates to choose from?

I want to apologize to everyone affected by my votes.
I voted for Obama, I voted for Hagen and I voted for Kissell.
But it surely would have been worse with McCain, Dole & Hayes, though I'm having difficulty imagining how much..

Ya done good voting for Obama

Voting for McCain would have been much worse.