Hager and Art Pope's minions lie about renewable energy costs

When the truth doesn't fit your agenda, it's time to make shit up:

But supporters of the rollback, including the bill's sponsor, Rep. Mike Hager, R-Rutherford, say the price of renewable energy is too high, and state taxpayers and ratepayers shouldn't be forced to subsidize the sector. Woodhouse said environmentalists are pushing green energy because they want power to be more expensive. "It is a goal of them to have higher electricity costs because they want to punish people for using power," he said. "They think using power is a bad thing. They want to punish people for flipping the switch."

Just when you think you've seen the archetypical, bottom-line worst of Dallas Woodhouse, he opens up that yap and gives you a new low-level of stupidity. Dude actually gets paid for this. Fortunately, you don't have to dig very deep to see the reality is exactly the opposite of what these demagogues are spouting:

However, Chris Braund, Lake Lure town manager said the town would be impacted negatively if the bill passes, because the dam at Lake Lure produces renewable energy that is sold back to Duke Energy under the current law.

Braund wrote a letter to Hager explaining what the reselling of energy produced from the dam means to the town. "I had just been reading the articles in the paper about the bill," Braund said. "I was pretty sure that he didn't realize that Lake Lure was on the sustainable renewable generator side of the equation."

That's a good guess. But disrupting local economies aside, this is what everybody needs to pay attention to:

Braund said in his letter that because Duke Energy has established more of its own renewable energy, the rate of the credits Lake Lure sells to Duke has decreased from $6.60 per MwH to the current price of $2.50 per MwH.

Bolding mine. That's just under a 63% drop in price (cost) for credits, which means NC's REPS is doing exactly what we'd hoped it would: increase volume of generation and drive costs down.

The proponents of this bill don't want the public to know these things, because the truth would expose them for what they are: nothing more than pr hacks for the fossil fuel industry.


It's documented...

....Hager doesn't have any problem telling lies...just ask those folks he screwed over at his real estate development...and he still needs money to pay off that lawsuit. That's a real bad combo... He's exactly what Duke Energy, Art Pope and ALEC are looking for...

Silly me!

I thought environmentalists were advocating for renewable energy because it's...well...renewable. Thanks, Dallas, for clearing this up for me -- now I know it's because environmentalists want high-cost electricity as punishment for people who dare to actually use electrical power. Thank heavens that those vindictive environmentalists are balanced by the benevolent Duke/Progress Energy Company who wants to reward people with dirt-cheap electricity!

Let's all be grateful for truth-tellers like Dallas Woodhouse who tell it like it is (in their alternative reality universe, that is).

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Yeah, it's pretty dang illogical

Even for Dallas, and that's saying something. But when you're dealing with such an illogical crowd like some of the hammerheads in the NCGA, you can float all sorts of craziness and still get some nods.