Happy birthday to BlueNC


Cliff diving

This is how I see it, too.

The president, not unreasonably, wishes for an era of good feeling in Washington. But those are pipe dreams. At some point, the president has to realize that wishes don't come true in DC. He has to fight. And he has start now. By being willing to go over the cliff.

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by me ...


Last comment of the year for me:

I used to read Progressive Pulse several times a day, and comment often. Then Frank showed up, after having been banned from BlueNC. At first his inane ramblings were familiar and amusing. Then just familiar. And now, I'm sorry to say, they are intolerable.

Sorry, guys.I know you have to permit all voices, as well you should. Just know that many people will put up with only so much ignorance before they move on.

A friend admonished me recently, saying that it was important to try to understand how the other side thinks. That may be true, but I am sad to say ... it is simply too painful. It destroys my faith in the possibility of human enlightenment.

Happy holidays to all.


I agree

Life is too short...

Congrats Anglico!

Congrats Anglico!

I guess I found you sometime in your first year, probably through teh Google.

Thank you, sir

You're probably one of the few who knew me way back when I was certifiably a mad man.

Thank you for being here all these years.

....and a fine bunch of

....and a fine bunch of pot-stirrers you are...thank-you all. Here's to many more anniversaries!!!

Many more anniversaries?

Sheesh ... it's taken every ounce of resolve to make it this long.

: )

Seriously, thank goodness for Steve Harrison for coming to the rescue!

I think you've got that backwards

Being part of the BlueNC family, and being given a platform to air my often tedious opinions, is a blessing that not many people are given.

Thank you, sir, and thank you to all of our readers.

Many congrats and thanks

The metrics for a niche site run on such a relative shoestring are impressive.



Always good to see you.

Among all the regular readers, you are the person I depend on most to keep me honest and uncompromising. I still make plenty of screw-ups, but it's really important to have a reliable watchdog on the job.

Thanks for being with us.

It just wouldn't be the same without BlueNC

Thank you, James, for keeping the light on. Here's to many more anniversaries. Cheers!

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Happy B-day Blue NC!

Thanks for the many years of hosting this public forum and for the many years of letting us spout off here!