Happy Birthday to you, Dr. Seuss

got this tip from my public library about a book called Marvin K Mooney will you please go now! by Dr. Seuss, whose birthday we celebrate today.

from Wikipedia:
In political culture

In a July 1974 collaboration with political humorist Art Buchwald, Dr. Seuss took a two-year-old copy of his book, crossed out "Marvin K. Mooney" wherever it occurred, and wrote in "Richard M. Nixon." With Dr. Seuss's consent, Buchwald and his editors reprinted the markup as a newspaper column, published July 30, 1974. Beset by Watergate, U.S. President Nixon resigned ten days later on August 9th.

"In Maureen Dowd's column for the New York Times, "Wilting Over Waffles," dated April 23, 2008, she suggests that Democrats in the 2008 presidential election might take a cue from this book in their approach to Hillary Clinton's prolonged campaign against Barack Obama, asking her to 'Just go. I don't care how.''

"Even more recently, MEP Daniel Hannan quoted the book in reference to Gordon Brown after the 2009 EU elections."

"During the protests that led to the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, various parody versions of the book appeared on the Internet as "Hosni Mubarak Will You Please Go Now"."